Even as of Season 10 Apex Legends Still in full swing, some fans are already looking forward to season 11 of the game. While Respawn Entertainment usually announces a new character a few weeks before the release of a new season, a fresh leak has given fans some possible clues who might be joining Battle Royale’s impressive list of Legends.

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One Apex Legends Dataminer, known as Garrett on YouTube, released a video about the next Legend being added to the game. According to him, a line of code has been revealed which can be linked to the upcoming Season 11 Legend. While it’s not one to go too far, it looks like he’s got some useful details. Some of the information contained in this code includes possible names/code names for the character as well as some of their potential abilities.


With regard to the name of the legend, the code includes the word “Mali”. Based on this script, Dataminer suggests that it could be the name of the upcoming Legend. He added that the name had a tropical feel that matches rumors of a possible tropical island map coming in the future. In addition, another section of code reads “maali_damage_boost”, which may be related to the character’s abilities. While not entirely certain, Garrett speculates that this ability could increase a certain portion of Legend’s kit in the same way that Bangalore’s Double Time Passive increases his speed on fire.

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Beyond this line of code, a character model was also found. Dataminer believes the model to be that of Ash and notes that it resembles the hologram from the Arenas game mode, except that he is in human form. There are two different variants of this model, one with a hood and the other without. Despite not believing that Ash is the new legend for Season 11, he didn’t rule out the possibility, noting that “Gardener” could be a code name.

This new leak has given rise to many speculations Apex Legends Community. Many debated whether Ash could be the new legend, with some noting that he is already the announcer for Arenas. Others commented that they expected New Legend to have a defensive or support role to offset the large amount of reconciliation and attack characters. Regardless, it’s worth noting that none of this information has been confirmed by Respawn, meaning these details could be as inaccurate as the Season 9 leaks about Blisk and Playable Titans.

Apex Legends Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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