Apple AirTags have become useful tool for carjackers, Canadian police say

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This little device can really cause a lot of headaches.

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When Apple’s New airtag came out, there was a lot of discussion about its potential track cars, if someone goes missing. At $29, it looked like a positive. However, it appears that the thieves quickly reversed such thinking to their advantage. In a blog post last week, York Regional Police in Ontario, Canada, said carjackers Now use the tiny tools to track down “high level vehicles across the region”.


Thieves see their target vehicle in a public place, such as a shopping center or parking lot, and attach an airtag where the owner will not find it. With AirTag installed, all that’s left is to wait and track until the car’s owner’s home. From there, thieves can silently perform grand theft autos with several tools at their disposal. AirTag makes finding a car very easy.

These days, carjackers don’t have to fool the car into thinking the owner has the keys. Once inside, a digital tool plugged into the OBD 2 port can clone a blank key to start the car, and the thief can exit the vehicle without trouble, as long as the car alarm goes off Don’t be

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The use of airtags by thieves comes with a new set of warnings for drivers. Be sure to check inconspicuous areas on the exterior of the vehicle for the tracker, including flaps and ports. Owners can also buy locks to keep potential thieves out of the car’s computer ports in order to create “new” keys.

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