Apple CEO Tim Cook earned over $98M last year, a huge bump from $14M in 2020

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Apple CEO Tim Cook’s total compensation saw a significant jump in 2021 compared to previous years, despite his salary remaining the same over the past three years.

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When accounting for stock awards, which totaled more than $82 million, other forms of compensation and his $3 million salary, Cook earned $98.7 million last year, according to one Securities and Exchange Commission filing on behalf of Apple on Thursday. in 2020, Cook grossed $14.7 million, which did not include any stock awards as of the filing. In 2019, his total compensation was $11.5 million, not including stock awards.

MarketWatch technical editor Jeremy C. Owens noted in a Tweet that, “Apple’s average employee makes less than $70k. Cook’s compensation is 1,447x that amount.”


Cook was named CEO of Apple in 2011 after the company’s co-founder Steve Jobs. Over the past 10 years, Cook has Expanded Apple Lineup With products such as the Apple Watch, AirPods and more models of the iPhone. He has also prompted the company to broaden its offerings with services such as Apple TV Plus. apple fitness plus,

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earlier this week, Apple becomes world’s first $3 trillion company After Apple stock peaked at $182.86 per share. To put this in perspective, it is worth more than AT&T, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Disney, Exxon, Ford, Goldman Sachs, IBM, McDonald’s, Morgan Stanley, Netflix, Nike and Walmart. Joint, Milestone comes after three years Apple becomes trillion-dollar company,

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