Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak launches space company following Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos Called Privateer Space, the new company is designed to "keep space safe and accessible," according to a promo video.

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According to the promo video, the new company, called Privateer Spaces, is designed to “keep space safe and accessible.”

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Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of a new space company called Privateer Space.


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak tweeted About a “private space company” he’s launching on Sunday that is “unlike the others.” Called Privateer Space, its mission is to “keep space safe and accessible for all mankind”, according to a YouTube video Wozniak linked. Ripcord founder Alex Fielding is also a co-founder.

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“It’s up to us to work together on what’s right and what’s good,” the promo video said. “So here’s to taking care of what we have so that the next generation can be better together.”

Not much has been shared about the company yet. Privateer’s site simply says, “The sky is no longer the limit,” and “We’re in stealth mode.” The site says the company will be at the AMOS (Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies) conference in Maui, Hawaii, starting Tuesday.

Other tech leaders have launched space efforts of their own, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who created Blue Origin, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who runs SpaceX.

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