Apple finally adds 120Hz scrolling to Safari on MacBook Pro – but it could be better

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After months of waiting, Apple has finally rolled out 120Hz scrolling for Safari on compatible devices. However, this is not the fix your new MacBook Pro has been waiting for.

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For a start that’s because the 120Hz scrolling feature is currently limited to the latest updater to Safari Technology Preview—the experimental version of the main Safari browser on Apple devices.

Even if you’re a user of this trial version of Safari, you’ll find that scroll stutter will still persist on many sites as the 120Hz scrolling feature only applies to pages that use the smooth scrolling effect. We’ll have to wait longer for this feature to expand on other pages and for it to be released on the main version of Safari.


If you want to download Safari Technology Preview to try smooth scrolling on 120Hz compatible iOS device, you can. While it’s a developer tool, it’s not locked to regular users – and won’t replace your normal Safari app either.

Opinion: A Small But Incredibly Annoying Hiccup

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Missing out on 120Hz scrolling and experiencing weird stuttering are probably the least significant technical hiccups we could face. However, it’s an annoyance we shouldn’t have to deal with with premium Apple tech—especially not with its own software.

Apple is known by enthusiasts as a brand that can be slow to adopt features other companies have been using over the years – but when it finally rolls out a new piece of hardware or software, it often accomplishes this. With the new MacBook Pro and its 120Hz display, that sentiment doesn’t seem so right.

If we’re asked to pay at least $2,499 / £2,399 / AU$3,749 for a new gadget, we expect an experience that’s brimming with excellence, not an experience that’s fairly modest cross the obstacle.

Otherwise, the MacBook Pro (21) is a great addition to Apple’s lineup—we gave it a nearly perfect score in our review, making it one of the best laptops creative pros can buy.

Hopefully, these minor problems can be resolved and 120Hz scrolling will be introduced in Safari soon, however, we will have to wait until 2022 before some changes can come.

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