In short: Apple headlined WWDC 2022 by revealing that iOS 16 will bring the iPhone later this year. Significant changes will be made to the lock screen, car gaming, messaging, email, iCloud, wallets, privacy and authentication, just to name a few. Let’s dive in.

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Peculiarity iOS 16 pays the most attention to the lock screen. Apple has made it more customizable and made important information more accessible. Widgets that display information such as weather, calendar, and fitness data can now appear when the phone wakes up without requiring users to go to the widget menu.

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In addition, new personalization options include dynamic wallpapers and additional fonts for displaying the date and time. The new lock screen can have more than one custom configuration for different parts of users’ lives such as work and personal life. Lock screen notifications are now at the bottom of the screen to take up less space. These new notifications will be constantly updated to show the status of live events such as sports matches or deliveries.

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Apple is also adding some useful new features to Messages and Mail. Messages app has edit and undo features and users can recover recently deleted messages. Visual Look Up updates allow users to cut objects from photos and paste them into messages and other applications. The Mail app will add email scheduling, reminders, and an improved search engine.

Another new feature allows groups of users to share photos via iCloud. With iCloud Shared Photo Library, one user can create a shared iCloud folder that up to five other users can contribute to. The camera can automatically share images with this library, and iOS 16 can automatically suggest which photos to add.

In iOS 16, Apple is trying to completely replace passwords with passkeys. Access keys use Apple’s recent collaboration with FIDO allows users to sign in to websites, apps, and other services with Face ID or Touch ID and sync them across Apple devices. Microsoft and Google also support FIDO, so biometric logins should work on Apple and non-Apple devices.

Security Check is a new feature that helps users avoid domestic or intimate partner violence by resetting access permissions. With it, at-risk users can quickly limit messaging and iCloud to one device and reset their privacy settings.

CarPlay has undergone fundamental layout changes with iOS 16. Users can control the radio and climate and view information across multiple screens. CarPlay will also add gauge and widget display settings. Apple will reveal more about the new CarPlay as it approaches the launch of supported vehicles in late 2023.

Apple’s iOS 16 brings a host of improvements to Safari, Apple Maps, Dictation, Siri, the Home app, fitness, Apple News, and more. It will support iPhone 8 and later, excluding iPhone 6s, 7, SE first generation and iPod Touch 7th generation. The public beta will begin in July, with a public release later this year.