From Disney Plus to Crunchyroll, PS5 Many of the most popular entertainment apps are ready for download. While the PS5’s only proposed music app is currently Spotify, a new image suggests that another big streaming service may be coming to the console.

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One of the most innovative features of modern game consoles is the ability to run other applications in the background while playing a game. A common example of this is playing music through Spotify while gaming on the PS5, with intuitive controls that are accessible directly from the PS5’s Control Center. Currently, Spotify is the only music streaming platform currently available on the PS5, although there are many other services such as Apple Music, Tidal, and Pandora Radio. The PS5 lacked many entertainment apps at launch, with the console and Sony receiving some backlash, though it’s slowly adding more.


A new image uploaded to the Apple Music subreddit shows that the service is on its way to the PS5. The image uploaded by HOLYWARS1990 is a photo of his screen showing the Music tab of the PS5’s Control Center, displaying the prompt, “To start streaming music, select an app.” Below the prompt is not only a Spotify option, but also one for Apple Music, showing the simple white and red music note icon, and an option to download the app. “Since when was this thing?” HOLYWARS1990 as stated in the title of the post.

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HOLYWARS1990 asks a good question—did this really happen and when? In the past, Apple has collaborated with Sony to make some of its services available on its platform. For example, Apple’s TV and movie steaming service Apple TV+ is available for download on the PS5, and earlier this year, PS5 users could get 6 months of Apple TV+ for free. The people who responded to the image seem just as confused and excited about this development as HOLYWARS1990, asking them how they saw the app and expecting it to be true.

Bringing Apple Music to the PS5 seems like a wise business decision for Sony, and while it’s plausible given the hype it’s had with Apple recently, it really still doesn’t feel very real. Since the PS4, Spotify has been the go-to music streaming service for the PlayStation, for branding it “PlayStation Music” on the PS4 and for putting the Spotify button on the PS5 media remote. It doesn’t seem like with Spotify’s ties so close that Sony would suddenly switch to Apple Music, though a lot has happened before. even though, PS5 Could always use more entertainment apps, and Apple Music is clearly desired by many.

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