Apple Music might be coming to PS5

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At least two people have reported seeing the app on their console

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Since its launch in November, Spotify has been a music streaming option on the PS5, giving you the option to listen to your favorite music while playing games. Soon, though, the console may get support for another service: Apple Music.


The first clue came earlier this week when a Reddit user posted a picture of Apple Music appearing in the PS5’s Music menu. The option clearly appeared after I tried to create a new account and associate it with Spotify. It looks like the app didn’t work, though — a Reddit user also shared a photo of a message that said, “This app is only playable on PS4,” which eurogamer There is a standard error message that says when an app is not available.

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A Reddit user’s photo of Apple Music on PS5.
Image: u/holiwars 1990

eurogamer Said it was Able to see Apple Music options When creating a new US account, however he was not able to reproduce to do so. The Apple Music option didn’t appear when I tried to create a new US account as of writing this article.

The incompatibility of the Apple Music option suggests that Reddit users and eurogamer There may have been some early glimpses into the works of Sony and Apple. The two companies recently worked together on an Apple TV Plus promotion for PS5 owners, so it looks like there’s a relationship there. Apple brought Apple Music to Samsung Smart TVs last year, showing that it’s willing to expand the app’s availability beyond the Apple platform. And the app is showing up just days before Apple’s October 18th event, which will be a likely place for Apple and Sony to announce that the app is coming to the PS5.

Sony and Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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