Apple Releases First Public Beta of iOS 16

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Apple launched today first public beta about the upcoming iOS 16 software update so you can experience new features on your iPhone, such as a customizable lock screen with widgets, detailed controls for various tricks, and improved messaging for both green and blue bubbles. Beta testers can also download preview versions of iPadOS 16, which includes an updated multitasking interface and a change in display pixel density, as well as watchOS 9 with improved arterial fibrillation detection and detailed sleep tracking.

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The company first announced iOS 16 last month at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)and has since launched three developer betas because the. The public beta allows you to test new features without having to pay $99 for a developer account and with (hopefully) fewer bugs than the developer beta. If you want a more stable version of iOS for your iPhone, you’ll have to wait until it’s available to everyone in the fall.

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Keep in mind that these are test versions and some features of your iPhone will not work properly with this version. Therefore, you should be prepared for these anomalies if you plan to install the iOS 16 public beta.

To install the new public beta, go to Apple Software Beta Program website, sign in with your Apple ID, and download the configuration profile for the device you want to install the test version on. After you set up a profile on your phone, you will be prompted to Settings > General > Software update to download the iOS 16 public beta.

The iO16 update contains many new updates to look forward to. new customizable home screen with widgets be a distinguishing feature. You can press and hold the lock screen and start customizing the style by selecting a new photo, font style, filter, and depth effect. As noted in previous story TechCrunch last monthApple wallpapers are limited by default, so you’ll have to rely more on third-party images or your own collection.

The 3D layer effect for wallpaper is a bit inconsistent. It works well when there is only one person or object in the image, but if there are multiple objects in the image, the depth effect does not work for every part. But hopefully this will be fixed in the final release.

What’s more, you can set multiple lock screens by combining different wallpapers, styles and widgets. Apple is also releasing the Live Activity API, which will allow apps to show you current activities, such as the score in a sports game and the current Uber ride.

Live Activity will allow you to receive real-time updates on your lock screen.

Live Activity will allow you to receive real-time updates on your lock screen. 1 credit

You can have multiple swipe lock screens based on location, mood, or time—think of them as watch faces (or clock faces) for your iPhone. In addition, iOS 16 allows you to associate the lock screen with a specific focus mode. Speaking of Focus, it now has more filters, as well as app allow and silence lists, triggers like location and time to activate a particular mode, and custom homepage suggestions. Apple gives users all the tools to customize the lock screen and home screen to suit their needs, but for some, it can be confusing with the many settings.

Image credits: Apple

With more information available through lock screen widgets and notifications and the launch of the new home screen spotlight button in iOS 16 and already existing support for home screen widgets, the Today view is almost overkill – unless you need a widget-only screen. .

iOS 16 has a search button on the home screen Image credits: Apple

iOS 16 will also bring updated photos app with a shared iCloud library for families so they can have a separate stream of photos taken by different members. In addition to specifying a person or place to add to this library, you can also turn on the toggle in the camera app to instantly send the photos you take to the shared library.

Shared Photo Library Coming to iOS 16

Shared Photo Library Coming to iOS 16

The new Photos app also contains locked folders for hidden and deleted photos and duplicate removal, which can save tons of space on your device.

iOS 16 put a lot of pressure on collaboration. You can now create shared tab groups in Safari to collaborate with friends, which is useful if you’re thinking of a vacation or planning a dinner party. Basically, you can use them like Pinterest message boards to generate ideas. You can hold the tab button in the lower right corner to open the menu and quickly add the current site to any tab group.

Image credits: Apple

Apple will also let you easily share documents, slide sets, or groups of Safari tabs in Messages so others can collaborate on those files. With iOS 16, you can quickly get started with SharePlay right from the Messages app without starting a FaceTime call. What’s more, later this year, the company will release a collaboration app called Freeform—on iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura—where you can add your own notes, add photos, draw drawings, and even FaceTime with someone directly. from the application.

free form apple

Image credits: Apple

If you use iMessage a lot, you can edit a sent message (up to 15 minutes), unsend, and quickly mark a message as unread with a swipe. iOS 16 will also allow you to recover deleted messages within 30 days of being deleted.

Image credits: Apple

If you are dealing with green bubbles or SMS messages, you will be able to filter messages by different categories such as 12 subcategories in Transactions and Promotions. The Transactions category includes Finance, Reminders, Orders, Health, Public Services, Weather, Carrier, Rewards, and Other; the Promotions category includes offers, coupons, and more. All this will only work for iOS users from India, bringing them to parity with Android, which had apps like Microsoft SMS Organizer. If you live in the US, you’ll be able to report spam to carriers using the new “Report Junk Mail” that will appear in the Messages app under the “Unknown Senders” category.

Apple updates mail application search feature with smart search suggestions. It will also allow you to schedule and cancel the sending of emails. The Maps app in iOS 16 will let you add some stops on your itinerary and show you the transit rates for the selected trip. The OS update will also bring security and privacy focused features such as allows you to automatically skip CAPTCHA, real-time security updatesa security check a function to get away from offenders, and pass key support for passwordless login.

Live text now supports video and automatically converts units. You can also translate foreign languages, send emails, create calendar events, call phone numbers, or track flights from detected text. This is useful for retrieving data from a business card or for quickly reading food items and converting currency from a restaurant menu while traveling.

Image credits: Apple

However, the funniest feature of iOS is new image cut function, which allows you to “pick up” objects from images by separating the object and the background. It can be very handy for image editing or even creating stickers of your pets for messages, Telegram and WhatsApp.

Apple's New Visual Search Feature

Apple’s new image cut feature. Image credit: Apple

And if you are not satisfied with all these features, you can see a list of other great features of TechCrunch which can make your life easier.

Apple is also releasing the iPadOS 16 public beta today, which could give you a glimpse of a new multitasking system called Stage Manager. It’s a new interface that lets you focus on one app while also giving you the ability to quickly launch another from its sidebar or dock at the bottom. This gives you the ability to have floating windows of different sizes on the same screen, similar to a desktop.

Image credits: Apple

iPadOS 16 will also bring some important display-related features, such as full external display support to set up multiple workspaces, and display scaling to adjust screen pixel density so you can show more details in the app when using split mode.

The company is releasing WatchOS 9 beta with improved atrial fibrillation detection and detailed analysis of sleep stages, including time spent in REM, Core or Deep sleep. The new Workout app will now let you switch between different activity displays by rotating the digital crown, allowing you to see different heart rate zones to measure your workout intensity.

Image credits: Apple

WatchOS 9 (and iOS 16) will bring medication logs, schedules, and reminders. For US users, this feature will also notify you of critical drug interactions, such as if it is not recommended to drink alcohol while taking a certain pill.

Historically, Apple OS updates become available to everyone a week after the launch of the iPhone – usually in September. So, if you don’t want to try the experimental versions of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and Watch OS 9, you should wait a few months.

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