Apple sheds value during iPhone event

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The Nerdshala crew is hard at work writing down the latest from Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch event. He has good notes on MegaCorp’s hardware updates. But what are the markets saying about similar products?

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For those of us more concerned with the effective S&P dividend yield than the Screen Night levels, events like Apple’s confab are more interesting for what they mean to the hosting company’s value than how many GPUs are in a particular smartphone model. And, for once, Apple’s stock must have done something interesting during the event!

Look carefully at the following chart:


This is a one day chart, mind, so we are seeing intraday changes. We are zoomed in. And Apple kinda did a little dive during their event that started at 1 a.m. in the chart above.

generally Nothing Apple shares are imported during its presentations. Which sounds strange, frankly, because the Apple event details the product mix that will generate hundreds of billions in revenue. You would think that they would have a greater than normal zero effect.

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But today, we had real share price movement when the event happened around 2PM ET. Perhaps investors were expecting higher-priced equipment? Or were hoping Apple has something up its sleeve? How you rate that holiday Apple product lineup is a matter of personal preference, but it seems investors have weighed it down a bit.

Valued at about $2.5 trillion, every 1% that Apple stock moves is worth $10 billion. Apple’s loss of 1.5% today — more or less; The business continues as I write this – is worth more than Mailchimp. That’s a lot of money.

You can read the rest of our coverage from the Apple event here. Enjoy!

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