In short: We’re used to hearing about lawsuits brought against Apple, but Cupertino isn’t averse to sending in his own lawyers after organizations he believes harmed the company. One of them is Rivos, a “stealth mode” startup based in Mountain View, California, which Apple accuses of poaching engineers from Cupertino to steal trade secrets for use in competing chips.

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brought last year reports some senior Apple engineers left the company to join a mysterious startup called Rivos, which was reportedly working on the design of a high-performance RISC-V processor.

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But according to the lawsuit filed by Apple, at least two engineers who joined Rivos took gigabytes of sensitive information with them in a “coordinated campaign” launched in June 2021 against Apple employees.

The lawsuit also alleges that other former Apple employees took confidential documents with them when they left to join Rivos and that they tried to cover up these activities by erasing their Apple-issued devices. The information is said to have included presentations on current and unreleased chip designs. Bloomberg.

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“Apple has reason to believe that Revos instructed at least some Apple employees to download and install encrypted communications applications (such as the Signal app) before communicating with them further,” Apple said in a complaint.

Some of the official and commercial secrets allegedly stolen by the engineers involved information about the Apple M1 and A15 chips. Apple said it has spent billions of dollars and more than a decade researching its systems-on-a-chip, which “revolutionized the world of personal and mobile computing.” Reuters.

The two defendants named in the lawsuit, Bhasi Kaitamana and Ricky Wen, are accused of violating intellectual property agreements they signed while at Apple that prohibited them from copying confidential proprietary information while at the company and returning any related materials before leaving. .

Apple wants the court to stop Rivos from using its trade secret, order its former employees to return its property, and award it an undisclosed amount of monetary damages.

Apple is still in the process sue former high-profile chip designer Gerard Williams III for allegedly violating his contract and using Apple technology in his Nuvia venture.