Apple TV has already renewed Foundation for season 2 – could 8 seasons happen?

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The big budget Apple TV Plus sci-fi drama Foundation has been renewed for Season 2, just as Episode 4 hits streamers this weekend. The show, which is executive produced by David S. Goyer and stars Lee Pace and Jared Harris, is considered Apple’s biggest bet yet in the streaming space.

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As reported by THR, this renewal moves the show closer to Goers’ goal of eight seasons. The writer and director say he is “playing the long game with Foundation”, and has clearly not taken Isaac Asimov’s work lightly.

Our view on the show is that it has had a slow start, which is inevitable when the story spans so many years and characters. When it’s a big moment, though, it Really Pays off – this is a show you can’t half-watch when you’re staring at your phone like so many prestige dramas. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss something important. This is a testament to how impressively complex it is.


Apple’s Adam Chernis says they “can’t wait to showcase even more of the rich level worlds, compelling storytelling, and surprising world-building in Season 2.”

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It’s unclear when the second season will begin — reports have been floating around since earlier this year that Apple was renewing the show too early. Given the wide range of influences needed to create a show like this, though, we think you’re looking at a late 2022 release date at the earliest.

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Analysis: Apple TV Plus is finally taking shape

Like all new streaming services, Apple has finally begun to cancel its original TV shows—possibly due to a lack of interest in some series (the company doesn’t release viewing figures). Mr Corman of Little Voices and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the first to hit the scrapheap.

Meanwhile, shows like For All Mankind, Watch and Now Foundation are coming back for more.

Ultimately, compared to other streamers, Apple has arguably fewer reasons to cancel its series. The streaming service doesn’t have a library other than its own — it’s not like you signed up to watch The Simpsons like you did on Disney Plus. Everything that’s built in is what you’ve got to see, and a deep library is ultimately a service that is needed over a long period of time to be successful.

Digging eight seasons of a sci-fi epic for the Apple TV Plus might be a good goal. Like the books themselves, people could search for the series over the years—it always gives curious viewers a reason to subscribe.

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