Apple TV’s Foundation may run for as long as Game of Thrones

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Foundation listener David S. Goyer has revealed that he has a “loose plan” to tell the science-fiction epic story over eight seasons.

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Speaking to Slashfilm ahead of the Foundation’s September 24 release on Apple TV Plus, Goyer confirmed that he had discussed the future of the series with Apple executives.

The space opera, based on Isaac Asimov’s beloved book series, is a complex, centuries-long story that, in Goyer’s view, cannot be told in just three or four seasons. However, the Man of Steel and Terminator: Dark Fate writer believes he can tell the Foundation’s full story within an eight-season arc.

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“When I submitted the plans for season one, Apple knew it was a huge undertaking, and they wanted at least some indication of where I needed to go in future seasons,” Goyer said. “So I put forth a loose plan for eight seasons.

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“And of course there are story moments and threads that are established in Season 1 that won’t pay off in this season. But at least we know what we’re writing. We just start from scratch. There are no. There is a roadmap.”

Set in the future, the Foundation follows a band of human exiles as they attempt to save the Galactic Empire from destruction by defying their dictatorial rulers, including the genocidal Brother Day (Lee Pace). Led by my mathematical genius Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) and his eccentric Gal Dornick (Lou Lobel), the Foundation travels to the barren planet of Terminus in order to slow the collapse of the Empire, or prevent it from happening at all. .

The first two episodes of Foundation will arrive exclusively on Apple TV Plus on Friday, September 24. Subsequent episodes will also be released weekly.

Analysis: laying the groundwork for future seasons

Goyer’s eight-season plan for the foundation initially seems like a good option. Sometimes, TV shows are beyond their reception and don’t end until they’ve had longer views or viewers move on to the next big thing.

The fact that Goyer has a blueprint for where the Foundation’s story could go indicates, then, well. If the showrunner already has a clear endpoint, the show’s core creative team plans to stay And A finale to work. This is in stark contrast to HBO’s adaptation of Game of Thrones, which retold the plot of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy book series when it reached seasons 7 and 8. Ultimately, the show paid the price with viewers for its final season, which was performed by Suspect. Judgment about fan favorite characters.

However, while the Foundation has a clear end goal of reaching the conclusion of the TV series, can it count against it in the long run?

As part of his Slashfilm interview, Goyer explained that Season 1 has some story threads that may not be answered until later seasons. interesting that – the audience will passed To tune in if they want to know how certain plot points play out – it’s a gamble.

After all, Apple hasn’t renewed Foundation for a second season yet, let alone several entries. This decision is not possible until the company knows how many people are joining the foundation. Apple executives may elect to pull the plug on future installments if Apple executives find that their investment in the foundation hasn’t paid dividends through viewing the figures. This would mean that some plot threads remain unresolved and potentially leave viewers wondering what their consequences were.

Still, this is an issue that happens in all TV series. Audiences don’t know whether their shows will be successful until they are released, so laying the groundwork for future seasons (with the audience hoping the story pays off) is always a risk. Even if TV shows resonate with viewers, they can’t be renewed, as Netflix has often shown by canceling some of its most popular original properties.

As much as Goyer wants to sow the seeds for a future story, it might have served the Foundation better if Season 1 focused on making the story as complete as possible. If Apple decides to renew it for more seasons, it will be time to add in plot points that won’t pay off until further down the line.

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