Apple Watch 7: Every release date, price and health feature rumor ahead of Apple's next event

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Renders of the rumored Apple Watch 7.

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Are you a. Looking for a smartwatch with large flat-edge design, One better battery life And new health features? If so, you might want to wait for the Apple Watch 7. We may see with the introduction of the Apple Watch 7 iphone 13 in the tech giant Next event on 14th September. Although the new smartwatch was previously reported delayed due to manufacturing difficulties, industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a recent investor note that issues have been resolved And the smartwatch will start mass production in mid-September.


Apple will come with a new smartwatch watchOS 8 Software, Announced at WWDC This past June. If the rumors spread, there could be a worthwhile upgrade from the new Watch apple watch series 6, which was unveiled by the company at a virtual event in September 2020. Apple also released a more affordable midrange smartwatch last year Apple Watch SE, which can be itself Getting a successor in 2022.

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Here’s everything we’ve heard about the Apple Watch 7, including rumours, leaks, speculation, and expectations. We will update this story as we hear more. And if you’re thirsty for more Apple rumors, check out our iPhone 13 Rumor RoundupEverything To Know About MILF iphone 13 release date, How iPhone 13 can be compared to iPhone 12 What else iPhone 13 Camera Specs It is possible. Plus, is it worth it Buy an iPhone 12 Now? What about iPhone 11? Or an iphone se?

Release date: We may see the Apple Watch 7 on September 14

Apple Watch 7 may appear with iphone 13 on the tech giant’s next event on 14 september. Kuo predicted last year That a redesigned Apple Watch could appear in the second half of 2021, so we’re pretty sure the next generation of Apple Watch is coming. It is expected to make its debut next Tuesday.

Rumors by French Blog consomac and later reported by Nerdshala Suggest that Apple has already registered its new smartwatch with the Eurasian Economic Commission under the model numbers A2473, A2474, A2475, A2476, A2477 and A2478.

Although Apple’s next event Scheduled for Tuesday, August 1 Nikkei Asia report Suggests that Apple’s new smartwatch may be delayed due to manufacturing difficulties. Small-scale production of the Apple Watch 7 reportedly began last month, but the watch’s complex design faced a number of difficulties fitting all the new components together. According to the report, this prevented it from going into full-scale manufacturing.

According to Kuo’s recent investor note, these production issues have been resolved and mass production will begin in mid-September. Nerdshala. reported by. According to Kuo, the upcoming Apple Watch suffered more production processes than the previous model due to the “dramatic” design change of the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch 7 may still be unveiled, despite past production issues iphone 13. Gurman suggests that Apple will go ahead with announcing the smartwatch, although it will be available in limited quantities at launch.

in the September edition of their power on newsletterIn , Gurman outlines three possible outcomes for the Apple Watch 7: delaying the announcement of the watch until production difficulties are corrected; The watch launches on a limited amount of time; Or the watch is announced on time but goes on sale later. Gurman believes the Apple Watch 7 will be announced tech giant event, but will be “a mix of models shipping late or in small quantities”.

Despite the rumours, Apple has a consistent history of unveiling its new smartwatch models annually in mid-September. Even in 2020, when global pandemic Product announcement events made virtual and supply chain disruption, (delay in unveiling of apples iphone 12 line for a month), apple watch series 6 And Apple Watch SE both made their presence felt In an online event on September 15, 2020. He was released three days later on 18 September.

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The biggest buzz around the Apple Watch Series 7 is whether or not it will include a blood glucose monitor.

Price: The price of Apple Watch 7 is probably the same as that of Series 6. will be similar to

Apple’s last three Watch models launched with a $399 price tag, for the larger size and for cellular connectivity. (The Apple Watch SE is deviating from the $399 price tradition, launching at $279. But the SE model is Apple’s “affordable” smartwatch, which means it sacrificed some bells and whistles for cost savings.)

While we haven’t heard any credible rumors about the price of the Apple Watch 7, we would expect Apple to stick with its general structure and launch its next-gen model at a price of around $399. Of course, it’s always possible that Apple will raise the price in 2021, but because we don’t see any major hardware upgrades or new features on the horizon that would warrant a price jump, it seems unlikely.

Design and color: Green, Apple Watch 7 with flat edges will be beautiful

Leaker John Prosser (whose rumored track record is pretty spotty) in May Apple Watch 7 renders released Which allege a “major redesign” of the wearable. Kuo also predicted a “significant form factor design change”. About a year ago for the 2021 Apple Watch.


Apple Watch 7 may come in a new Sage Green colour.

Proser’s renders, which he claims are based on a combination of real images and CAD files leaked by “sources”, reveal thinner bezels and flat edges on the Apple Watch 7. Apple also leveled the edges of the iPhone 12 lineup last fall, giving its flagship phone a modern profile that Nerdshala’s Patrick Holland called “Slabular Beauty.”

Speculation from 91mobiles Aligned with Prosser’s renders in August. As per the report, the new Apple Watch will ditch the rounded edges and opt for a box-like, flat-edged design. The facelift will match Apple’s recent aesthetic choices ipad pro And iphone 12.

A Bloomberg report in June also Estimated Thin Bezels for Apple Watch 7, as well as “new lamination technology that brings the display closer to the front cover.”

The new Apple Watch may also be slightly larger than its predecessor. According to a leaker on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the Apple Watch Series 7 may come in 41mm and 45mm case sizes. Nerdshala. reported by. The rumor was later backed up Gurmani. Since apple watch series 4 In 2017, the case size for the tech giant’s smartwatch came in 40mm and 44mm options.

Due to the increased size, the Apple Watch 7 may not be compatible with current Apple Watch bands. leaker Max Weinbach, citing unnamed Apple Store employees, says the tech giant’s stores are no longer receiving shipments of the 40mm and 44mm bands. Weinbach says he expects the upcoming Apple Watch to use different bands that won’t fit older smartwatch models.

Rumored colors for the Apple Watch 7 include a new sage green, which compares to the Prosper green color option airpods max, Apple’s over-ear headphones. NS Series 6 Comes in silver, grey, gold, blue and red (aluminum); silver, graphite and gold (steel); and titanium and black (titanium) color. Proser renders of the Apple Watch 7 include red, blue, black and silver in addition to sage green, though we don’t yet know if these are the actual colors Apple will release.

In terms of materials, Apple may be getting rid of the Titanium Edition model for the 7 series PowerOne Newsletter, Gurman says won’t be surprised if the pricier Titanium version, which starts at $799 apple watch 6, was removed. Apple has previously offered both ceramic and genuine gold models.

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Battery life: Apple Watch 7’s charge can last more than a day

One of the biggest and most frequent complaints about the Apple Watch, especially when compared to its rival smartwatch And fitness tracker like Fitbit, it has poor battery life. Nerdshala’s Scott Stein says: Apple Watch has been “dead last” in battery life in its competing set, which is a problem if you want to use Sleep-tracking feature (new in watchOS 7)Because the battery needs to be charged daily.

The Apple Watch 7 could be a game-changer for Apple if its battery life improves dramatically. The last three models have offered around 18 hours of battery life, with the Series 6 having a 265.9-mAh battery. We haven’t heard any rumors specifically about the Series 7’s battery specs, but we passed heard it can boast Small, double-sided S7 chip, for which space would be vacant — what else? – A big battery.


The next Apple Watch could get a major redesign, including flattened edges like the iPhone 12.

Health Features: Will the Apple Watch 7 Really Get a Blood Glucose Monitor?

Blood sugar monitoring would be a wonderful addition to the Apple Watch, but don’t hold your breath as the rumors are mixed. Interest in the new sensor by Apple itself. was stocked in Survey for Apple Watch users to gauge interest in new features – One of which was blood sugar tracking. but a later Bloomberg Reports All But Those Dreams Killed. While the new sensor will likely be included in a future iteration of Apple’s smartwatch, it’s unlikely to arrive in the Series 7 and probably won’t even be in Apple’s 2022 Watch models.

Samsung announces a new non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology last year and however did not specify where or when we might implement this technology in the near future. Apple has a history of releasing buzzy new features before rivals, so one…

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