Apple Watch 7 release date, price, specs and news

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The Apple Watch 7 launches on September 14 alongside the iPhone 13, adding new features and the first major redesign in Apple’s smartwatch line. You can watch the event here, or read on our live blog coverage to see the announcement as it happened.

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The Apple Watch 7 has a brand new look that retains the rounded edges but with thinner bezels for 20% more screen area than the Apple Watch 6. What would you do with more screens? How about tapping and dragging to type with a full keyboard?

The Apple Watch 7 is Apple’s next flagship smartwatch, a successor to last year’s Apple Watch 6. We’re still waiting for the Apple Watch SE 2, so in the meantime, the Apple Watch SE is the main affordable smartwatch in the lineup.


This next smartwatch runs the new watchOS 8, something Apple has already unveiled and is coming to the Apple Watch 3 and new wearable devices – but the latest Apple Watch 7 will make the most of it.

That’s everything we know about the watches – stay with us as we clear up all the news and rumors below with everything featured at Apple’s California Streaming September event.

Latest News (Updated on 14 September)

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The Apple Watch 7 debuts on September 14, and you can visit our live blog for an analysis of the announcements as they happened.

Apple Watch 7: Cut to the Chase

  • What is this? Apple’s next wearable
  • When is it out? Today (September 14)
  • How much will it cost? $399 / £379 / AU$599

apple watch 7 release date and price

Apple is hosting a big launch event later today (September 14), which is likely to see the debut of the Apple Watch 7 alongside several other top Apple products. That’s not surprising at all though, as for years Apple has been launching new Apple Watches alongside new iPhones in September.

Even with all the disruption caused by the pandemic in 2020, the year-end date for the Apple Watch 6 remained correct.

The September 14th event begins at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT / 6 p.m. BST (1 a.m. ACT on September 15 in Australia), and you can read along to our live blog for all the action. We also have a guide explaining how to watch the launch live. And if you’re not sick of the Apple event after that, there may be another couple of weeks for the new iPads and new MacBook Pros.

apple watch 6

A report suggests that the Apple Watch 7 is experiencing production issues, which could mean that, even if it launches in early September, it won’t be as readily available after a week or two as usual. It is possible.

Instead, it could arrive later — alternatively, it could launch in mid-September, but only with limited stock.

There’s no news about what it will cost, but Apple has been pretty consistent with the pricing as well. The Apple Watch 6 starts at $399 / £379 / AU$599, and while the last few models have had some ups and downs in pricing, they’re all in the same ballpark, so we’d expect the Apple Watch 7 The price will be approx.

design and performance

Now the number of Apple Watch 7 leaks is increasing. For one, we’ve seen unofficial renders that show off the wearable’s likely design, complete with flat edges instead of the rounded edges of the Apple Watch 6.

These renders, which you can see below, are apparently based on leaked images of the Apple Watch 7 and apart from those edges they look identical to the current model. The source also claims that the wearable will come in Black, Silver, Red, Blue and Green shades.

Image 1 of 3

Image 2 of 3

Image 3 of 3

A set of similar renders have also surfaced recently, which you can see below. The design coincides with the above, so there’s a good chance they’re accurate.

The source for these renders also shared some specs, which it claimed will be a 44mm model with a 1.8-inch screen – the same as with the Apple Watch 6. However, it will be noticeably thinner at 9mm compared to the upcoming model 10.4. mm on the current version.

Image 1 of 2

Image 2 of 2

That said, another source points to 41mm and 45mm sizes for the Apple Watch 7, with the leak above, and would make it the biggest Apple Watch ever made. A second leak has now also pointed to a 45mm size, making it quite likely – and there will apparently be new watch faces to take advantage of the extra screen space.

Ming-Chi Kuo meanwhile predicted (in a research note seen by Nerdshala) that “the pace of new Apple Watch shipments in 2021 will benefit from innovative health management functions and improved form factor design.”

So this makes it look like the Apple Watch 7 could have both new health features and a new design. And it could be a major design change, as it follows a slightly earlier research note (spotted by Nerdshala) in which Kuo said there would be a “significant form factor design change”.

Although he said it will arrive on Apple Watch models “at the earliest” in the second half of 2021, so it’s possible we won’t see it until later models, especially since the renders above don’t look massively different. Apple Watch 6.

Maybe Kuo is referring to a more rugged version of the Apple smartwatch? One is clearly in the pipeline, ready to take on more extreme environments than the standard Apple Watch.

As for displays, there has been a lot of whispering that Apple is looking to switch from OLED screens to micro-LED ones on its devices. Some but not all of these reports mention the Apple Watch as a likely candidate.

Micro-LED has the potential to improve image quality and reduce battery consumption, so this would be a desirable change. However, a report from DigiTimes suggests that this change is still years away.

Finally, in the field of patents, it seems that Apple is exploring ways to apply a matte black finish to the anodized metal of its smartphones and watches, so it is possible that this will be a new color introduced by the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch 7 Specs and Features

Meanwhile Tim Cook himself said during an appearance on the Outside podcast that “there’s a ton of innovation left to go” and “we’re in the early innings… think about the amount of sensors in your car. And arguably, Your body is more important than your car.”

So while it’s all very vague, the mention of the body suggests a continued focus on health and fitness features on future Apple Watches.

We’ve also heard rumors of new swim tracking features – though what form they’ll take and whether they’ll be exclusive to the rumored Rugged model (which the report is mostly talking about) isn’t clear.

Meanwhile a new healthcare feature could be the glucometer, which is used to measure blood sugar levels. A report suggests that the Apple Watch 7 could be one of several 2021 smartwatches to get this feature. It will be especially useful for diabetics who need to keep a constant eye on their blood sugar, but others with a variety of other conditions may also find it useful.

That said, a new report suggests we won’t see it until the Apple Watch 8 in 2022, so don’t count on tracking your blood sugar with the Apple Watch this year.

In fact, sources elsewhere have said that none of the significant new features we’ve heard about won’t come to the Apple Watch 8 or later, with the Apple Watch 7 apparently just a new chipset, smaller bezels. And getting better ultra-wideband functionality. which can help in locating objects and using digital keys).

According to a source, a small feature that could be added is a ‘time to run’ mode, with audio meditation.

And one of the major upgrades we can get with the Apple Watch 7 is a bigger battery, as its chipset will reportedly be smaller, leaving room for a bigger battery. Given that battery life is one of our biggest issues with the Apple Watch range, we hope this is true and has a real impact.

Beyond all that, we are in the domain of patents, and the Apple Watch 7 strap based on them could be in for a big change, as the patent details a strap with a battery, which can therefore extend battery life of Apple Watch. However, the ideas are not often used in patents, so don’t count on seeing it.

We have also seen a patent showing the possibility of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner being added to the Apple Watch in the future. In fact, several patents have now talked about this, with another describing a Touch ID scanner built into the home button. Another patent detailed in the same link talks about an under-display camera that is invisible when it is not in use.

Another patent describes how Apple can use a smartwatch’s battery as a haptic engine, which provides vibrating feedback when the screen is touched. This would mean that the standard haptic engine could be removed, the battery itself could be bigger, and… we could maybe get some more battery life?

Among the other patents we’ve seen are one that allows you to interact with your watch by blowing on it (for example to answer a call), which can be useful when your hands are full, and a Which will allow you to get more precise. Heart rhythm readings using a sensor in the crown.

Still, we won’t hold our breath about seeing any of these patents become a reality.

What we’ll say most likely though is the Touch ID scanner, as it shouldn’t be too hard for Apple to include, has appeared in several patents, and can be quite useful.

apple watch 7 software

Some of the New Features Expected Within watchOS 8

We know the Apple Watch 7 will run watchOS 8, and now that it’s been announced, we know what to do there.

Highlights include a new mindfulness app (which will include the Breathe app), the addition of tai chi and Pilates to the workout app, the ability to track respiratory rate while you sleep, and a redesigned Photos app.

what do we want to see

There are a number of things we really wish Apple would do with the Apple Watch 7, including the following.

1. Better Battery Life

So far none of the Apple Watch models has had great battery life—they’re not terrible, but they’re average at best, which…

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