Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: what’s different and why you’ll love it

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The Apple Watch 7 has arrived and more bizarre renders and rumors didn’t turn out to be accurate, but although it doesn’t look dramatically different, the new model is still an impressive upgrade.

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Apple has managed to make the Apple Watch 7 screen too big without making it look like you’ve strapped a plate of food to your wrist, it charges super fast, and it comes in some cool new colors.

The best part is that more screens doesn’t mean more money or throwing away your existing Apple Watch band. So what’s new? Let’s look at the major differences between it and the Apple Watch 6.

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Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: Design and Display


The Apple Watch 6 was an evolution of the familiar Apple Watch design, with an always-glossy Retina display and a choice of 40mm or 44mm cases. It was available in three metals – aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, and added blue aluminum and red to the existing choice of colours. There was also a new strap, the Solo Loop.

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So much for the rumor factory: The radical redesign many pundits expected to see in the Apple Watch 7 didn’t make it. The new model doesn’t look dramatically different from before and comes in the same size, but by reducing the borders to just 1.7mm it increases the available screen area by 20% compared to the Series 6 and 50 compared to Apple. % provides more. clock 3.

This means there’s room for 50% more text when you’re reading an email or message, and enables you to cram more information into your watch face. New faces make good use of this, adding room to the corners of the Dynamic Contour face and the new modular face boasting two major complications.

Apple Watch 7 in a range of colors

The crystal covering has been redesigned to be more crack resistant than before, and the display is brighter than before, providing up to 70% more indoor brightness. Also, apart from 50 meters of water resistance (also offered by Apple Watch 6) the Apple Watch 7 gets IP6X certification for dust resistance.

We wonder if the new, tougher crystal and dust resistance explain the rumors of an ‘Explorer Edition’ designed for outdoor sports; According to Bloomberg, however, there may still be such a watch, but not before 2022.

This time there are five colors: midnight, starlight, green, blue and product (red). This is for the aluminum version. Stainless steel models come in silver, graphite or gold, and titanium ones in natural or space black. There’s also a new Nike Sports Loop and some new Hermes bands for high rollers. All models are compatible with existing Apple Watch bands.

Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: Fitness and Features

The Apple Watch 6 added blood oxygen monitoring and ECG, sleep tracking, and tight integration with Apple’s Fitness Plus service. It also introduced Family Setup for the GPS+Cellular model, which makes it easier to set up and control the watches of younger family members.

The Apple Watch 7 has no new sensors, but a new fall detection feature for cyclists and an improved algorithm to better track e-bike rides.

The large display also makes it possible to have a full on-screen keyboard that you can type on or swipe through, and it uses machine learning to try to predict what you’re going to type next.

Apple Watch 6 is almost as good for fitness

Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: OS, Power and Battery

Where the Apple Watch 6 currently runs watchOS 7, you can upgrade it to the same watchOS 8 as the Apple Watch 7 when the OS is released, on September 20. Its battery is rated for 18 hours of normal use.

The Apple Watch 6 is powered by Apple’s W1 wireless chip and the U1 ultra-wideband processor with the Apple S6 chipset, a dual-core processor based on the iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic. It has dual-band Wi-Fi up to Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11n, and the cellular model has 4G LTE.

Apple hasn’t published details of the Apple Watch 7’s processor and internals yet, but this year the emphasis is more on energy efficiency than raw performance.

The Apple Watch 7 also has 18 hours of battery life but it charges much faster — 33% faster, Apple says — thanks to a new USB-C charger. An 8-minute charge will give you enough juice for 8 hours of sleep tracking.

apple watch 7 fast charge

Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6: Price

The Apple Watch 6 range started at $399 / £379 / AU$599 for the aluminum version, but the price went up with more storage if you wanted stainless steel or titanium. Some case and strap combinations were also more expensive, most notably the Hermes version.

The Apple Watch 7 also starts at $399 for Wi-Fi and $499 for cellular, with prices in other regions not yet confirmed, but likely to be similar to the Apple Watch 6’s launch price.

It looks like the rumored performance issues have really affected the Apple Watch 7: While the iPhone 13 range is shipping within a week of launch, the Apple Watch 7 is only promised to “fall” Officially runs until the end of December.

When the Apple Watch 7 ships, the Apple Watch range will include three models: Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 7, so if you want an Apple Watch 6 you’ll have to buy it soon or buy it from a third-party retailer. get receive.

Apple Watch 7 looks like the obvious choice

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There’s nothing here to get Apple Watch 6 owners to head to the Apple Store with their credit cards in anticipation of a life-changing upgrade, but there’s no doubt that the Apple Watch 7 is the most attractive of all Apple Watch models: it More useful, it has a bigger screen, and it charges faster than ever.

Apple Watch gone from “what does it do”? Who knows? Let’s find out!” to further streamline the product, and the Apple Watch 7 lacks the enthusiasm it delivers in refinement.

It may not look dramatically different from its predecessors, but it’s noticeably sleeker and more elegant when you compare them side-by-side; Those narrow borders make as much of a difference to the Apple Watch 7 as the iPhone 13’s thin bezels set it apart from the iPhones from a few years ago.

As for specifications and design, if you haven’t already worn an Apple Watch 6, we think you’re going to love the Apple Watch 7.

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