Apple Watch Series 7 review: Getting better

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Advances in the tech industry are usually synonymous with making gadgets smaller, lighter and more compact. But, he apple watch series 7 Stands out for the opposite reason: It has the biggest screen of any Apple Watch yet.

Apple’s latest smartwatch launches on October 15th and starts at $399 (AU$599, £369). It comes with a new screen whose screen area is . is about 20% higher than Series 6’s and more than 50% compared to Series 3. The Series 7’s roomier display also means it’s the first to come with a QWERTY keyboard and other features that make better use of that extra real estate, like larger buttons in apps like calculators and alarms.

While the increased screen is the Series 7’s most significant change, it isn’t the only update Apple has received on its new wearable. The design is more durable and dust resistant for the first time, it can charge 33% faster than the Series 6 and the aluminum casing comes in new color options.

Otherwise, the Apple Watch Series 7 has all the goodies like the Series 6, including more premium features missing from the Apple Watch SE, such as blood oxygen saturation measurement, An always-on display and the ability to take ECG measurements from the wrist.


apple watch series 7


  • QWERTY keyboard lets you type on the watch
  • Fast charging makes it easy to top-off the battery
  • Big buttons in apps and on the lock screen

do not like it

  • Battery life has not improved
  • The only two new watch faces designed for larger displays

To put it bluntly, the Series 7 doesn’t feel like the kind of generational upgrade we’ve come to expect from Apple’s smartwatches over the years. But that’s not necessarily a quip against it.

The Series 7 feels like a refined version of a watch we already love – the Series 6 – rather than a major upgrade. And since it’s very similar to its predecessor, the Series 7 is a promising option for first-time Apple Watch buyers or those upgrading from an older watch.

If you have a Series 6 or a Series 5, don’t spend $400 on a Series 7. But if you have an aging model like series 3Apple’s latest watch will feel like a noticeable leap forward.

new design with big screen

apple watch series 7

The biggest update to the Apple Watch Series 7 is its bigger screen.

NS Series 7’s The bigger display is the biggest change that sets it apart from the Series 6. Apple has reduced the size of the borders that frame the screen to allow for a more spacious display without meaningfully changing the dimensions of the casing.

As a result, apple watch series 7 Comes in 41-millimeter and 45-mm size options, Series 6. Compared to Which was available in 40mm and 44mm casings. The watch itself is technically a bit heavy too; The aluminum 41mm model weighs 32 grams compared to the 30.5-gram 40mm Series 6. However, this was not noticeable when wearing the watch.

The Series 7 has IP6X dust resistance and a front crystal cover that’s more than 50% thick, though I haven’t had the opportunity to put it to the test yet. The corners are also softer and more rounded, but you can really only notice this when examining the watch closely. The aluminum model also comes in five new colors: midnight, starlight, green and updated blue and red options that are lighter than the colors available for the Series 6. I’m wearing the Starlite model, which is kind of a mix. of gold and silver.

You must be wondering why do you need a bigger screen on a device like apple watch, which is for short trackable notifications rather than long conversations. Apple has made some effort to understand its larger screen by redesigning the watch’s user interface to answer that question.

The buttons for apps like timer, alarm and calculator have been enlarged so that they are easier to tap. The most useful change in this sense is the keypad for unlocking your watch. Now that the buttons are bigger, I can type my passcode correctly the first time I set the clock in the morning, even when I’m in a hurry.

You may also see a few extra lines of text on the screen when reading news clips or notifications. While it’s a noticeable improvement, it didn’t meaningfully change how I use the Apple Watch because I usually don’t do a lot of reading on its screen.

The Series 7 also includes new font size options to make text appear on the screen even larger, which can be especially useful for visually impaired watch owners.

Apple Watch finally gets its first real keyboard


The Apple Watch Series 7 is the first to get a QWERTY keyboard.

Although NEW QWERTY KEYBOARD The real reason you’ll benefit from the Series 7’s bigger screen. In apps like Messages or Mail, just tap the message field when creating new text or email to pull up the keyboard. If you don’t see the keyboard right away, you can use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to switch between keyboard options or Scribble, which lets you trace individual letters with your finger.

The keyboard’s autocorrect functionality works surprisingly well, which is important on a small keyboard where it’s hard to be precise. I was impressed by the way I often finished my words correctly before I finished typing, even when I was typing something specific like a friend’s name.

This really came in handy when I recently attended a close friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid. There were many occasions when I needed to adjust with other members of the wedding party, but I didn’t have my phone nearby. Instead of running down in my heels to grab my phone from the bridal suite, I sent my husband a quick message saying “come down to the lobby,” when I had some time between photo shoots.

I’ve been mostly using the QuickPath feature, which lets you type by swiping between letters, because it’s much easier to slide your finger on the Series 7’s keyboard than to pry individual keys.

Of course, you can also use the watch’s dictation feature to send messages without reaching for your phone. But not everyone feels comfortable talking in public on their watch and there may be times when a message is too private to be spoken out loud.

Finally it’s great to keep the basic text input method running apple watch It is possible to type complete words and sentences, unlike the Scribble feature. That being said, if you’re typing anything other than a short phrase like “meet me down,” or “don’t forget the milk,” it’s best to use your phone.

Long sentences require a lot of concentration to type on the watch. I often found myself deleting complete words when I meant to delete just one character, which can be frustrating. (You can change this in the clock settings or use the Digital Crown to move the cursor more precisely).

New watch faces show how useful a bigger screen can be, but there should have been more


The Apple Watch Series 7 has a new contour watch face designed for its larger screen.

Watch faces are a big part of the Apple Watch experience because it’s the screen you see the most. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Apple has added new see faces The Series 7 has been specially designed for larger displays. It has the modular Duo face, which has two large format complications for displaying information, and the Contour, a face with digits that bleed along the curved edges of the Series 7.

I personally preferred the modular Duo face because getting as much detail out at a quick glance is more important to me than aesthetics. With the modular Duo Face, I’m able to see the time, a breakdown of my activity progress during the day, temperature and hourly weather forecast just by looking at my wrist. The regular modular face, available on the Series 6 and earlier, by comparison, lets you add just one major complication and many smaller complications.

I only wish there were more faces to choose from that have been designed specifically for the Series 7 – especially since the bigger screen is its most significant upgrade. Hopefully we’ll see more new watch faces in a future software update.

The other big change Apple has made to the display is increasing its brightness in always-on mode indoors. This means that when your wrist is down and the display is inactive, the Series 7’s screen will shine brighter than the Series 6 and Series 5. It’s certainly noticeable when comparing the Series 7 and Series 6 side-by-side, but the way I use my watch doesn’t really matter. In line with my overall thoughts on the Series 7, the always bright display is a refinement rather than a major upgrade.

Faster charging but similar battery life


The new charger for the Apple Watch Series 7 enables it to charge up to 33% faster than the Series 6.

When it comes to battery life, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the Series 7 can charge much faster than the Series 6, which is useful for you. Use a watch for sleep tracking Or just forget to charge it overnight. The bad news: There’s no improvement in the Series 7’s battery life compared to the Series 6.

Let’s start off well. Apple…

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