Apple’s big event today stressed its major focus on streaming

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Its big hardware event gave streaming a big nod

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Apple’s big product event today was all about the latest generation of iPhones, iPads, and its smartwatches — but make no mistake, it also underscored Apple’s increasingly aggressive push to dominate streaming.


Apple wasted no time on Tuesday showcasing its rapidly expanding and award-winning roster of originals on Apple TV Plus, with Apple boss Tim Cook calling the “California Streaming” event the fall premiere and highlight reel of the title for the first time soon. kicked with. Cook has approved more than 130 wins and more than 500 award nominations for the service’s original films and series since its 2019 launch, taking time notably to debut the critical darling’s success. ted lasso, which recently garnered a record-breaking 20 Emmy nominations. (Apple TV Plus received a total of 35 nominations for all of its titles, which is pretty impressive for a service less than two years old.)

For a hardware event that didn’t have much to share ahead of what’s coming to the Apple TV Plus in the near future, much of which has already been made public, Apple has revealed its roster of upcoming content. The decision to spend a significant amount of time proved once again that it is serious about growing its streaming service. And Apple is reportedly set to swing even bigger as it continues to expand its franchises and origins.

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Quoting a source familiar with the matter, Information It was reported last week that the company “intends to increase its production of new TV shows and movies by at least a week.” To promote its titles, Apple may spend more than $500 million on marketing the service, Information reported citing a different source.

Apple is not only expanding its library. The company is launching new ways for its users to stream content from devices within its ecosystem, with SharePlay being the most exciting of these features coming to Apple devices with iOS 15 — though it hasn’t been around since the initial rollout. Will not start with but instead update in future. Still, SharePlay, a Watch Party tool that allows Apple users to stream content in real time from Apple as well as other services, was teased at Tuesday’s product event.

And it looks like Apple is busy expanding the feature even before its official launch. When it was announced in June, it was said to have less than a dozen app support for the tool, including Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, Masterclass, Paramount Plus, Pluto TV, TikTok and Twitch. That list was expanded as of Tuesday’s launch, with a slide showing Comedy Central, Showtime, Spotify, Starz, and SharePlay partners for video and music streaming. Presumably, this list will continue to grow before the official launch of the feature. apple told ledge SharePlay is available in June for any streaming partner that wants to support it.

Despite all its rewards, Apple still has several hurdles it will have to navigate if it hopes to take on streaming kings like Netflix and Disney. Its library needs to be bigger, and faster, if it expects customers to hang around after its free trial ends. It also has to figure out a way to drum up more fanfare for its series to get the audience excited about them. before this They debut on the service (both things that it sounds like Apple is already working on). In many ways, the kind of publicity we saw during today’s event is necessary To advance the service.

But if Cook’s enthusiastic praise of Apple’s core to date is any indication, Apple is just getting started. And the company’s deep pockets and software integration are set to make streaming accessible more than it proves.


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