pokemon The franchise has a wide range of spin-offs, but the most popular are likely pokemon Anime, which started back in 1997 and is still airing today. pokemon journey, the 23rd season of anime, seems to serve as a massive callback to some of anime’s most iconic moments. One pokemon Fans have used it as a jumping off point to create their own tribute pokemon Anime Through the Years: He Edited Screenshots pokemon journey To look like they came from the original anime.

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when pokemon As the anime began, it had a very simple premise: former protagonist Ash Ketchum has just received his first Pokemon, a bad-tempered Pikachu, and is ready to explore the world of Pokemon. As the show continued, Ash caught a wide variety of Pokémon, traveled across the country, and made lots of friends. Every few seasons, Ash will say goodbye to his Pokémon and most of his companions to move to a new area that had just been revealed in the Pokémon game.


pokemon journey Brought Ash back to Kanto and reunited him with many of his old friends. However, he is also given a new companion, the Goh, who appears to represent the mobile juggernaut. pokemon go, Twitter user YinyangGio14 reproduced four expressive screenshots taken from pokemon journey, most of which feature both Ash and Goh, as if they were taken from the original anime series. The result highlights the differences in color, facial expressions, and design sensibility between classic and modern anime.

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The first screenshot shows Ash, Goh and Pikachu studying their smartphone, while the second shows Ash, Pikachu and Chloe looking at Goh in a fierce pose. The third shows Goh angrily asking for the ashes of a sheep, telling him who Ash’s original rival, Gary Oak, is, and the fourth showing Cynthia dramatically standing in front of her Garchomp. All four screenshot redraws show obvious art style differences, including more washed out colors and somewhat tighter posing. The iguana’s skin is noticeably darker, Pikachu is a lighter shade of yellow, and Chloe’s hair is a bright pinkish-reddish rather than a pale purple-reddish.

perhaps the most important difference between pokemon journey Screenshots and classic anime redraw is the overall aesthetic. pokemon journey Draws inspiration from modern anime and the beautiful and streamlined art of modern pokemon, YinyangGio14’s redraw takes inspiration from the original pokemon Anime, which had cartoony and expressive faces and more stoic body language. In Redraw, the positions of Pikachu and other Pokémon are often shifted, foreshadowing is reduced, and hand movements are simplified.

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