many popular Twitch Streamers have been criticized for gambling streams, and Asmgold has been one of the streamers who took a stance against those types of streams. One of Asmongold’s personal friends and fellow streamer xQc raised some objections to his comments and some other recent comments, which Asmongold has now responded to.

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Asmgold has been embroiled in some controversy recently over the statements he made about the One True King Twitch stream. A “Friendsgiving” stream hosted by a streamer collective called OTK that took place on November 21 led to some issues between Asmgold and other streamer attendees after some miscommunication. OTK is led by Asmongold, Mizkif, and Esfand, and this situation caused some friction between Asmongold and Esfand.


During a Friendsgiving event, a Twitch streamer known as Minx pretended to be under the influence of the pain reliever oxycodone and wanted to celebrate the occasion with some alcohol as well. This is when One True King co-founder and fellow Twitch streamer Asfand got between Minx and alcohol because he was under the impression that oxycodone was already in his system and that it was a bad idea to mix the two. Asmongold recently said that everyone in the Friendsgiving stream after what happened was wrong, but xQc responded to that and after his gambling stream comments, he changed his position.

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Asmongold and XQC are friends and XQC was quick to remind her Twitch community about what she said about her gambling streams before joining in on her comments. Responding to a video about gambling streams streaming to Twitch, xQc said that Asmongold is his friend, but he is not his father. In both OTK’s position and Asmongold’s reaction to XQC’s gambling streams, streamers took a similar approach in trying to dictate the actions of others.

“I can do whatever I want, can’t I?” XQC replied to Asmgold during his recent Twitch stream, saying. “If you’re someone’s friend, who are you to tell them what to do and what not to do, right?” The popular Just Chatting Twitch streamer respectfully criticized his friend because his words can sometimes mislead people. Asmongold was reflecting on both the OTK Friendsgiving situation as well as XQC’s reaction during the recent Twitch stream he was playing in New World,

After some reflection, Asmongold admitted that the situation between him and OTK co-founder Asfand was frivolous and suggested that it was due to their getting into a “really awkward headspace”. Among some of his own criticisms, Asmongold also said that XQC has been right about his comments on Twitch gambling streams and OTK drama. Asmgold also confirmed that he wants to be less negative with his friends and peers. Twitch Streamers are on the move, suggesting that the issues between him and Asfand may also be resolved.

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