Dr Disrespect has appeared in various forms of media, from Twitch and YouTube to games. evil company, And now he’s breaking into mlb. With the Doctober Halloween 2021 competition continuing throughout the month, an MLB mascot recently turned into a two-time champion.

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The Atlanta Braves continue to work hard to reclaim their title as NL East champs and the MLB team most recently faced off against the Milwaukee Brewers. During a Brewers game, what looks like a Dr. Disrespect cheered the Braves off the sidelines. The Atlanta Braves mascot recently took to baseball diamonds in full Dr. Disrespect cosplay, bringing violence, speed, and momentum.


Blooper is known for being wacky and his recent Dr. Disrespect cosplay is no different. Blooper replaced Homer the Braves as the Braves mascot and for one game, it looked like the Braves had disrespected themselves as their mascot. It’s currently unclear how many brave fans in the audience can see who the bloopers were from where they were seated, but esports personality Jake Lucky posted a video of the mascot to Twitter, which saw a huge outpouring of support. .

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Perhaps to commemorate the return of the Docker Halloween contest or to express enthusiasm for Dr. Disrespect’s YouTube stream, Blooper impersonates the Doctor beyond mere appearances. Blooper shared some of Dr. Disrespect’s modus operandi while cheering on the Atlanta Braves as he said “Snap!” Was expected to win. Feelings. In between dodging his enemies, Dr. Dishonor is also known to say “I couldn’t see him!”, “There’s something wrong with the audio,” and “Yayyyyyah.”

Dr. Disrespect hasn’t commented on Blooper’s Dr. Disrespect cosplay yet, but it could be joining the doctoral lineup soon. Dishonored, Blooper may be a longtime fan of the former Twitch streamer. Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch a year ago, but a huge chunk of his fans followed him on YouTube and Blooper could be one of them.

While Dr. Disrespect has a large inventory of merchandise, Blooper outfits his cosplay with gear uniquely large enough to fit on the mascot costume. The headset that Blooper was wearing wasn’t a Dr Disrespect exclusive Turtle Beach headset, but it still properly represented the YouTube streamer. Dr. Disrespect’s Champion Club is known for having an arena with one of the best locker rooms, but the Atlanta Braves have an equally impressive field.

Seeing How the Braves of Atlanta Have Been Back-to-Back mlb It’s fitting to see NL East Champs, Blooper Cosplay, a champion in his own right. Blooper’s enthusiasm for the two-time champion could result in Dr. Disrespect attending an Atlanta Braves game in his signature Lamborghini in the future. Many Dr. Dishonor fans are already speculating that Blooper will win this year’s doctorate.

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