Attack on Titan season 4 Part 2 return date: when is Episode 76 releasing on Crunchyroll?

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Now we have a big idea as to when will Attack on Titan Season 4 return date. Oof. The second part of “Final Season” will arrive in just a few months and, as you will see below, we have already narrowed down the date for episode 76 to air. The window is getting narrower and narrower…

When is attack on titan final season part 2 airing? episode 76 release date

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(image credit: MAP)

Attack on Titan Episode 76 is airing in January 2022 according to a new announcement. However, there is no word yet on how many episodes there will be in the second half of the final season.

Let’s expect an exact date soon. If it follows the pattern of the final season’s release schedule so far, episode 76 will air on Sunday. This means that we can mark January 2, January 9, January 16, January 23 and January 30 as different possibilities.

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Expect Crunchyroll and Funimation to carry each new episode as a “simulcast.” For beginners, that means they air with English subtitles on the same day each episode launches in Japan.

Until then you need something to get over you? There’s also a brief 15-second teaser previewing what’s to come. watch it below (h/t Crunchyroll)

Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2 Comeback Teaser Trailer

attack on titan return of the final season part 2

(image credit: MAP)
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There’s no word yet on an episode count, although those who have been following along with the manga source material will be fully aware that each episode only includes one or two chapters. There are about 25 chapters left. This would mean that another 16 episodes are not out of the realm of possibility.

However, COVID remains the elephant in the room – at least when it comes to production. Expect delays and a less fluent release schedule this time around. But one thing is for sure: Attack on Titan comes to a close for good in 2022.

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