Attack on Titan season 4 returns, as Crunchyroll crashes from demand

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Having trouble streaming new episodes of Attack on Titan? you’re not the only one.

The famous anime series is back at Crunchyroll for its last handful of episodes — this time for real. The so-called final season was split in two, with Part 2 only starting in early January, 2022, and episodes now seem to be released weekly on the anime streaming service.


A surge in Crunchyroll’s demand for the first new episodes, however, caused the platform to shut down as a horde of Titans — we mean, users — flooded the service with thousands of outages reported by users on the DownDetector website. Went.

Comments on the site revealed that the Smart TV app was down (“the app keeps crashing on Fire TV”), as well as the browser version of the platform. The issue didn’t last very long, with outage reports two or three hours after the episode came out, and you shouldn’t have any trouble watching the anime now.

It appears that Funimation had a similar problem at the same time, albeit on a much smaller scale (214 concurrent reports of 8,800 from Crunchyroll).

There will be a total of 12 episodes in Part 2, compared to 16 episodes in Part 1, so the final, final, final episode should arrive in early April.

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It is worth noting that eight episodes of Attack on Titan were also dropped on Crunchyroll and Funimation in December. These episodes jump around the timeline of the show’s previous seasons, taking place “before and between them”, and focusing on individual characters such as Heinz Zoe, Captain Levy, and Commander Irwin Smith.

They were previously only available on DVD, and have been reduced to physical discs since 2017, but they are now in their rightful home to binge-watch before the remaining episodes of Season 4.

Subscriptions for the anime-focused streamer start at $5.99 (£4.99) and $7.99 (£7.99) per month, respectively. However, be sure to check out the platform’s free trials.

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