Attend round tables at TC: Climate 2022 sessions

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We are on the cusp of our first deep dive into climate technology in TC Sessions: Climate & The Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals June 14 in Berkeley, California. Join some of the leading climate scientists, founders, venture capitalists, developers and other visionary climate innovators as we explore the next wave of climate technology and its role in repelling the rising tide of our existential climate crisis.

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How are you review the agenda and plan your schedulekeep that in mind: you’ll find some of the most insightful and downright interesting programs going on in the roundtable discussions. And that’s considering the heavy hitters in our lineup of speakers (um, Bill Gates) says something.

Roundtables are small, expert-led presentations that give you time to explore a particular topic, network with other participants, engage in meaningful conversations that can potentially lead to interesting opportunities. Either way, you are sure to receive valuable information that can inspire you and help your business.

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Take advantage of the knowledge and experience these experts bring to the fight against climate change and check out any (or all) of these roundtables. You’ll be glad you did.

Roundtables here

Scaling Deep Climate Technology Startups with SOSV HAX Program

Discuss some of the challenges/barriers and approaches to overcome scaling and early commercialization of various climate technology companies.

  • Essam Elsahvi (CEO, Pulsenics)
  • Beth Esponnett (co-founder, unpromoted)
  • Susan Schofer (Partner and Chief Scientist at SOSV/HAX)

Information on investing in climate with Alumni Ventures

Intimate discussion about investing in climate. Topics: Lessons from climate 1.0; current trends; macro-financial impact; opportunity zones.

  • Matt Kaspari (Managing Partner of Strawberry Creek Ventures/Alumni Ventures)

How to solve the #1 problem contributing to climate change – food waste with a full harvest

Each year, one-third of all edible produce is discarded on U.S. farms simply for cosmetic reasons or excess, contributing to food waste as a major cause of climate change worldwide. Join Kristin Moseley as she discusses how to tackle the massive farm-level food waste problem through technology and innovation.

  • Christine Moseley (Founder and CEO of Full Harvest)

Planting Pre-Seeds: Early Investment in Climate Technology with Obvious Ventures

We are seeing a surge of investors and entrepreneurs building companies that address the climate crisis. The solutions, however, are far-reaching: cold fusion, electrified transport, carbon-free cement and emission accounting software. How do leading space investors define climate technology? What do they look for in entrepreneurs and ideas in the earliest stages? What is their decision making process? What trends do they see in this space?

  • Andrew Beebe (Managing Director of Obvious Ventures)


Will burdensome balance sheets and long infrastructure payback cycles keep the cleantech industry behind?

  • Alex Kopelian (Partner and Senior Director of IndieBio and SOSV)
  • Jared Moore (founder and CEO of Solid Ox Motors)
  • Parikshit Sharma (IndieBio SOSV Partner)
  • Michel Zhu (CEO, Huue)

Building confidence with forward-looking reforestation carbon offsets with DroneSeed

With overall demand for carbon offsets growing and buyers becoming more sophisticated, high-quality carbon offsets with tangible, verifiable benefits for the climate and local ecosystems remain in short supply. At the same time, wildfires are becoming larger, hotter and more frequent, leaving many forest areas with difficulty regenerating naturally. A new forestry-based offset approach that focuses on tree planting and CO emissions.2 they will capture as they grow offers a solution to both problems. Learn about forward (forward-looking) forestry-based carbon offsets, why they represent new, promising approaches to reforestation after fires, and how they provide the best offer of high-quality carbon offsets on the market.

  • Cassie Meigs (CEO, DroneSeed)

Accelerating Climate Solutions from Discovery to Deployment with UC Berkeley

What role should universities play in developing and communicating innovative and equitable solutions to the climate crisis?

  • Cathy Yelik (Provost for Research at UC Berkeley)

Why The Next Big Entrepreneur Should Come From Climate Technology With The Fifth Wall

We have come to a point where climate change is finally recognized as a real climate crisis. From historic fires in Europe and Australia to record-breaking hurricanes to the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, almost every region of the world has been hit hard. As a result, it is now a financial and moral imperative to make climate technology a top priority for humanity, and for this reason we need to encourage and support the young entrepreneurs who develop these technologies. We need the brightest scientists, entrepreneurs, lawyers and financiers to make a significant difference in the future.

  • Peter Guidosh (Partner – Co-Lead Climate Technology Investment Group, Fifth Wall)

The Future of Green Buildings – Flexible, Smart, Carbon Free with ProspectSV

Commercial real estate is rapidly evolving, from vehicle charging and renewable energy to a new focus on the indoor environment. Let’s talk about the opportunities for building and managing buildings that are adaptable, responsive, cost effective and sustainable. We will also discuss the big opportunity – creating portfolios ready for new solutions and services.

  • Doug Davenport (Founder, CEO, ProspectSV)

Climatech – how to do it differently this time? with Khosla Ventures

What can startups learn from the successes and failures of Cleantech 1.0? How can we ensure a much more successful outcome this time?

  • Rajesh Swaminathan (Partner, Khosla Ventures)

Creating a food system for the next 1000 years with Iron Ox

Join Brandon Alexander, CEO and co-founder of Iron Ox, to discuss how his team is revolutionizing the future of agriculture by using artificial intelligence and robotics to make our next generation global food system more sustainable, scalable and delicious.

  • Brandon Alexander (co-founder and CEO of Iron Ox)

AI in agriculture: the key to sustainable agriculture with Farmwise

AI can do a lot to help farmers reduce their environmental impact. We will delve into strategies for climate-smart farming and the application of AI to agriculture today and tomorrow.

  • FROMuhBastien Boyer (co-founder and CEO of FarmWise)

TC Sessions: Climate will be held in Berkeley, California on June 14th, with an online event taking place on June 16th. Buy your pass today and join the new wave of climate change entrepreneurs.

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