Aurora Introduces Fleet Management Platform to Streamline Autonomous Operations

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Autonomous vehicle technology company Aurora Innovation has unveiled a fleet management system that can be used to streamline operations for the startup’s trucking and taxi products.

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Aurora announced a platform called Lighthouse of Auroraalong with its first-quarter earnings report on Wednesday, during which the company unveiled to investors a number of milestones on the road to commercializing its Aurora Horizon trucking product and launching its Aurora Connect product, both of which are based on the same standalone stack.

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Once Aurora hits the market, Beacon will give customers access to real-time data about their vehicles such as health, status, and current location, as well as real-time alerts for things like vehicle health, estimated arrival times, traffic conditions, mission updates and major weather events, the company said. All of these tools will be added to Beacon’s fleet planning, dispatching, monitoring and coordination capabilities that Aurora already uses in fleet operations today.

One real-life example that Aurora gave is of a tire with low air pressure; An alert will be sent to the fleet manager, who can then redirect the vehicle to the nearest service center.

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Today, the startup has active commercial pilots with FedEx, Uber Freight and, more recently, Werner Enterprises – all three of them involve autonomous transportation of goods in Texas, but it is not yet clear if the company is currently using Beacon with these customers. However, the experience of these partnerships helped create Beacon, according to the company.

“This level of real-time understanding and control over the location, status and targets of autonomous vehicles will help Aurora customers make the most of them and respond to changing network conditions and requirements,” Aurora said in a statement.

Beacon also provides remote support in case the Aurora’s driver-powered vehicle encounters a situation it hasn’t encountered before and can’t sort out, such as being pulled over by law enforcement, something like AV. Cruz recently dealt with.

Eventually, as the company moves closer to commercial rollout, Beacon will be offered alongside the company’s Aurora Driver, the company’s autonomous driving system, as a product that can be integrated via API into existing carrier, fleet and network systems. .

Aurora Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2022

Aurora ended the first quarter of the year with an operating loss of $143 million, down from $192 million in the same quarter last year. Similarly, its net loss for the quarter was $77 million, up from $189 million last year.

The company ended the quarter with nearly $42 million in “collaboration revenue” for development related to the company’s agreement with Toyota that will support its planned taxi product. In March the company introduced a test fleet of six Toyota Sienna robot taxiswhich will be tested in Texas on highways.

Ultimately, collaboration income is not income, and being a pre-income company, Aurora declined to give any direction, allowing the company to end the conversation, including Q&A, after about 30 minutes.

Aurora ended the quarter with $1.5 billion in cash and a short-term investment that the company will use to continue developing the Aurora Driver for large-scale commercial deployment, focusing on being first to market with its trucking product. The company also expects to raise an additional $52 million in cash from Toyota over the remainder of the year, which should help it further develop its taxi product, according to Richard Thame, Aurora’s chief financial officer.

Aurora shares rose slightly after hours and is currently trading at $4.10 at the time of this writing.

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