James Cameron and 20th Century Fox Release incarnation Way back in 2009, and the franchise is expanding beyond movies while making sequels. New one incarnation MMORPG is called Avatar: Count Has been officially announced, and it is coming to Android and iOS.

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incarnation Fans express their Na’vi in ​​. be able to customize Avatar: Count and explore the world of Pandora. Like any other MMORPG, Avatar: Count Players must level up their avatars to progress through difficult areas, and some aspects, such as difficult boss encounters and PvP, require the player to group up with others. apart from the characters incarnation fans can recognize Avatar: Count, the mobile MMORPG will also include new Na’vi Clans to learn about.


It has both single story missions and cooperative Avatar: Count, allows most games to be played with a teammate. The MMORPG includes touchscreen combat, but the studio behind the mobile game has yet to confirm any combat details or roles that players will have to fill in to build synergies within a party. Combat will likely be similar to other mobile MMORPGs like pocket legends, black desert, or Runescape. However, this has not been confirmed if Avatar: Count classes like world of Warcraft, New World, or the Elder Scrolls Online,

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Avatar: Count Screenshot shared by Archosaur Games, standing on Pandoran Vista and looking at the vast landscape of the planet. The Navi consists of an assault rifle, usually operated by humans. incarnation Universe.

Archosaur Games is the same team that created dragon king, naval creed, Novoland: The Castle in the Sky, And world of kings, The mobile MMORPG is being produced by Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney, which shows that a lot of brains are involved in its creation. Avatar: Count,

Archosaur Games has confirmed that Avatar: Count It’s releasing later this year, but it hasn’t been revealed exactly when fans of the 2009 film will be able to play the new MMORPG. unlike mobile Avatar: CountUbisoft is working on an open world incarnation adventure game for console Avatar: Pandora’s Limits It is also expected to release later this year. Avatar 2 It is expected to release by the end of 2022, which may suggest that the upcoming mobile incarnation There is a complimentary excerpt for the MMORPG sequel.

Avatar: Count Release for Android and iOS in 2022.

Source: IGN

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