First announced last year at the Xbox Games Showcase, Accepted is a first-person action RPG that is part of Pillars of Eternity Universe. Although there hasn’t been a lot of coverage on the game lately, new details on this Microsoft exclusive have emerged around the multiple classes and the two-handed combat system found in Skyrim.

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Developer Obsidian is no stranger to RPGs, with titles like fallout New Vegas, Dungeon Siege 3, And Outside world in its roster. proud of the team Accepted There will be an “epic, triple-A” title with lots of exploration and exploration to keep gamers engaged. The story takes place in Ira, a medieval fantasy setting with continents, magic, islands and mystical creatures. fans of Pillars of Eternity Games will have noticed banners embellished with crowns depicting Vodika, the goddess of justice and law, at the start of the announcement trailer. At the end of the trailer, many also saw a character having double magic spells and a glowing sword with runes. Recent news confirms that this will be a mechanic in the much-awaited game.


As the team of Obsidian approaches playable alpha, news of the game’s progress is surfacing. According to sources in Windows Central, players will have options when it comes to equipping weapons and selecting a class. Options include possible classes that will use a two-handed weapon or a combination of magic or magic and a weapon. No actual classes have been revealed at this time, but for fans Pillars of Eternity You will find many familiar elements such as spells, weapons and monsters. It was noted that there would be Warrior, Rogue and Caster class systems, but this has not been elaborated on yet.

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like very much Outside world The idea of ​​obsidian can be considered Controversy, Accepted looks a lot like its take Elder Scrolls series, though with a noticeable difference. Get acquainted with the dual-wild combat system Skyrim players, but sources in Windows Central say the mechanics will have their own distinctions.

Color schemes and general lighting Accepted is said to be very close to Outside world vs game like oblivion Or Skyrim. unlike the dark trailer for AcceptedThere is speculation that the game will feature dazzling caves, dazzling forests with lush vegetation, and tombs swarming with monsters. it will be close to the brightness of Outside world Game instead of the often seen dark tones Elder Scrolls. The game is said to be based on a similar but improved version of the engine that was used Outside world, which may indicate Accepted There are probably brighter scenes from the light engine.

In addition to classes and double yields, Accepted Will feature an interactive environment. This includes swimming, destroying the elements of the environment, and using torches or fire spells to unlock blocked areas. However, fans will have to wait until Obsidian releases more details to confirm these details. As of now, there’s a lot left for players to guess as progress has been made on just one of the many upcoming Xbox exclusive RPG titles.

Accepted In development for PC and Xbox Series X.

Source Windows Central

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