Avowed report claims it’s nearly playable

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A new report claims that Obsidian Avod is close to a “playable alpha state”.

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This new report comes from Windows Central, and was published yesterday, October 11. The report claims that Obsidian is making good progress on its new action-RPG, with the project “moving through pre-production toward a playable alpha state” and “many mechanics and core gameplay elements from the first.” applicable since then.”

Additionally, it is claimed that Avod will offer a number of playable “classes” for users to experiment with, and will even use two-handed weapons purposefully in the Battle of Skyrim. Will borrow The player will have the option of wielding two spells at once, a combination of spells and a one-handed weapon, or a heavy two-handed weapon such as a bow.


Windows Central claims to have actually seen gameplay footage of Avod working, and writes that it’s more “loadout based” than anything like The Elder Scrolls. Warriors will gain access to more physical attacks such as powerful kicks and shield bashes, while mage classes will be able to use more powerful spells and a wider variety of magical attacks.

Finally, a report from Windows Central claims that we should see avod pop up again after E3 2022 in June next year. There’s a small chance that Obsidian’s new RPG could show up later this year at The Game Awards in December alongside another Xbox exclusive like Hellblade 2, but it’s more likely that the new game will reappear at some point next year. able to see.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Obsidian’s new venture, it’s a first-person RPG based in the world of the Pillars of Eternity games. While Obsidian is busy developing The Outer Worlds 2, which only came out earlier this year at E3 2021 in June, a lead developer from the studio commented that it is “very different” from The Elder Scrolls 6, Which is currently working for Bethesda.

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