Babylon’s Fall has strong combat, but lacks Platinum’s signature style

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Imagine a chair. Like, great chair. The kind of chair your pop-pop used to have. The one in which he would watch Mel Brooks movies for hours and sip his “adult juice”. This chair has everything you need. Soft cushions, a heating pad, reclining mode and excellent lumbar support. Now, start removing all of its components, removing everything that doesn’t perform its function as a chair. All you have left is a large chunk of mass you can sit on. this is how i would describe fall of babylon In its current state: technically a chair.

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Platinum Games recently held a closed beta event for fall of babylon, where players get a brief glimpse of what the game looks like and feels like. NS Bayonetta The developer is highly regarded as a development studio that focuses on high-speed and visceral combat filled with flamboyant flair. beta testing for fall of babylon Platinum removes most of what the games are known for, and mainly showcases its combat with very little fanfare.

stylized art, without unique characters or a sense of progress, fall of babylon It is difficult to understand at present. If the final game incorporates everything Platinum is known for, it could be another hit for the studio. If it doesn’t, it could become a shadow of the studio’s better games.

Character fighting enemies in Fall of Babylon.

build your fighter


fall of babylon It is about the heroes who enter the Tower of Babylon to face the evils that live there. I feel? Knowing very little about the game, I went into beta testing to see if I could learn more about the story and the world it contained. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I was left as a tremendous character builder and was asked to choose a lineage for my character with very little context. Each lineage has unique abilities, but since most of them overlap with each other and I had no idea what “tethering” meant here, I felt completely in the dark.

After character creation, I entered Hub City, which was populated with other players but had very few NPCs to interact with. This made the hub feel very hollow. There were plenty of places, rooms, and buildings that would clearly have important characters to interact with, but for now, it was just empty space. The characters I could interact with were the owners of a shop that I could sell my equipment and the Finder, who would not give me any quests and instead instructed me to interact with the quest board right next to them. .

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This was clearly intentional, as the developers wanted us to focus on the main core of the game: a quest and go to battle. The quests themselves are a collection of fighting stages separated by a few weak platforming puzzles. Once a player reaches a fighting stage, they are greeted by enemies or bosses, or sometimes both. This is where beta testing really begins and introduces players to Gideon’s coffin, which is basically the magical reason players can use up to four weapons at a time. Each weapon is assigned a different button or trigger and will work differently depending on where you slot them.

For example, a sword in the Light Attack slot will be your main weapon for attacking, while a hammer assigned to a trigger will perform a devastating area-of-effect (A0E) attack at the expense of the player’s spirit meter. How a player customizes their weapon loadout depends on the type of combos they can execute. There are lots of ways to do this, and many combinations that can cater to a wide variety of playing styles.

In Fall of Babylon, a party of players is fighting enemies.

Nice to find out which weapon loadout worked best for me. Plenty to start combat before flailing in a flurry of light attacks with my sword to dismantle big AoE damage using two hammers on my triggers and then taking on enemies with my bow in my heavy attack slot. I liked it. If I timed my attacks I could easily execute aerial combinations and do devastating damage. If you’re familiar with the fighting styles of other Platinum Games titles, this should be an easy flow.

no progress

However, once you take a step forward and see what else is in the game, you might be disappointed, as there really wasn’t much else. Enemies are not as persuasive as normal Platinum enemies, and their primary strategy was clear and easy to exploit. Combat encounters do little to differentiate themselves from one another. Except for the occasional flyby or being surrounded by enemies, each encounter feels exactly like the last. There’s really no reason to change strategy, as any combo will generally work on the enemy. The platforming aspect of the game isn’t flashy yet and it looks like it’s just about to fill the time.

After completing a quest, I was showered with new gear options for dressing up my character. In beta, there was some room for customization, but nothing out of the ordinary. There were options for lighter armor for faster dodging or heavy armor for greater defense. Weapons offered only crude stat enhancement, which made progress feel sluggish. The only reason I would grind for new gear is to make sure your damage count goes up. There was nothing to look forward to, or to plan for.

The characters face off in the fall of Babylon.

love sports monster hunter rise tend to fall into a similar rut, but have built-in mechanics to help hide these shortcomings. Growth Offers a raw increase in gear, but also has passive effects that can drastically change play style. Not only that, thanks to the monsters’ AI, each hunt feels dynamic. Even if you’re hunting the same monster, with the same party, the same gear, and the same location, the fight can be completely different, depending on the players’ actions and the monsters they fight. Thank You for. In fall of babylonNothing is going on in the fights. They begin to blend together, leading to mindless grinding.

my experience with fall of babylon Felt like a display of war and nothing more. It only shed light on the actual mechanics of combat and what it’s like to execute them. Luckily, the combat feels good (as you’d expect from the Platinum), but everything around it so far lacks character. No bells, no whistles, no over-the-top characters, and no colored lights. Without those identities, fall of babylon The combat doesn’t seem like enough to grab my attention. However, if those other components are hidden deeper than the limits of the beta, this game has the potential to be something special.

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