back 4 blood One of the most anticipated games of this fall, as it gives players the excitement of killing hordes of zombies. in the latest back 4 blood Trailer, it is explained where the corpse came from.

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back 4 blood is an upcoming co-op first-person shooter where players must fight for survival against the undead known as Ride. reminiscent of left 4 Deadhandjob back 4 blood Puts its own spin on 4-player-team gameplay, with players having multiple characters to choose from, each with their own special abilities and traits. Whether it’s up close and personal to zombies or shooting them from afar, each character plays out differently. Over 4.6 million players participated back 4 blood The beta is a sign of how excited fans are to get their hands on the game.


Turtle Rock Studios uploaded a new campaign trailer for back 4 blood Revealing the origins of the game’s zombies. The first part of the trailer is narrated by the character of Phillips, also known as General, the trailer is designed as if he is telling the story of the world to the rest of the cast. Phillips explains that it was a small, parasitic worm “whose origins were buried under a mountain of politics,” that caused the outbreak. From that point on, the cleaners, who were immune to the virus, began a fight against Raiden, but it may have been too much for them, given how many different zombies there are. back 4 blood.

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The trailer also outlines what the game’s story might include. A line from Phillips following his statement indicates that he is adamant about suppressing any advantage against Raiden, although it is unclear what that advantage is. Shortly after, the character of the mother agrees with Phillips that they are at war against the rider, which does not mean that she does not think highly of him. considering how large back 4 bloodZombie hordes show up, the story seems like a desperation, of trying to win and fighting unstoppable.

Perhaps most interestingly about the trailer is the Phillips line regarding the origins of the ridden worm: “buried under a mountain of politics.” The statement may somewhat detail the origins of the worm, as it suggests some sort of official, political cover, but it portrays Phillips as someone who can be anti-political. Since then back 4 blood There will be ongoing content after the launch, with the answers maybe further down the line. Either way, it seems like a solid setup for what should be a very exciting game.

back 4 blood Will release on October 12, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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