Turtle Rock Studios made a big splash with left 4 Dead in 2008. The online co-op shooter’s marquee feature was the AI ​​Director, which adjusted pickup and enemy spawn based on players’ performance. left 4 dead spiritual successor back 4 blood It incorporates many of the features of its predecessor while adding new ideas to the established formula.

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one such innovation back 4 bloods card system. These modifiers change the game to make each playthrough unique. However, this feature may be a bit opaque for first-time players.


The game divides cards into two categories: active cards and corruption cards. back 4 bloods The AI ​​Director creates corruption cards at each level, which affects things like enemies, weather, events, and rewards. Meanwhile, players play active cards that offer various perks and bonuses to help players survive the zombie hordes.

Zombie Gang Fighting Back 4 Blood Cleaner
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back 4 blood graft card

The AI ​​Director chooses corruption cards based on the difficulty setting and how well players have performed in previous acts and levels. There are four types of corruption cards back 4 blood, depending on what effect they exert.

  • Raided (Common Infected) – Determine the frequency and behavior of standard infested types such as Armored, Chartered and Blighted Raiden.

  • Mutations (Special Infected) – Determine the frequency and behavior of particular infects such as Breakers, Ogres, Snitchers, Hugs, Tallboys, Singers, Rikers and their various subtypes. Some cards will also add special modifiers such as extra health or damage to a specified enemy.

  • Challenges and Rewards – Special challenges that players can complete during the level. back 4 blood Players who complete challenges earn Supply Points and Coppers depending on the difficulty of the challenge. Examples include, but are not limited to, obtaining blood samples, avoiding alarms, making sure all players survive, and escaping levels within a time limit.

  • Events – Modifies the level’s environment. Examples include reduced visibility and power outages, an increase in the number of security doors, rapidly increasing crowds, or an overabundance of a specific type of infected. Some event cards are a combination of the above, such as an unusually large number of Snitchers living in a blacked-out area.

Back 4 Blood Cleaners Fighting Rach

back 4 blood activated card

Later back 4 bloods The AI ​​director chooses his cards, players draw five active cards from their deck and play one. This allows players to select cards that will counter or reduce the effects of Corruption Cards. Some activated cards are direct upgrades to the character’s stats and abilities. Others provide a powerful buff at the cost of some penalty. back 4 blood Divides active cards into the following categories.

  • Reflex (blue) – Modifiers that increase character’s speed, stamina, and effectiveness in melee combat.

  • Discipline (Red) – Modifies ammo capacity and healing ability and unlocks various items and abilities to heal and support other players. This category also has the most cards that unlock new starting guns.

  • Brown (Green) – Gives bonuses to health, damage resistance, and effectiveness of melee weapons and explosives.

  • Fortune (Yellow) – Focuses mostly on the player’s ability to collect ammo and copper, along with some cards related to health recovery and gunfights.

Players can unlock new cards either during a level or by finding them through supply lines. While some cards are free, most cards that players find in levels need to be purchased with Coppers. During this, back 4 blood Players can spend supply points to open supply lines back to the camp. Each supply line is a series of progressively more expensive unlocks. Players start with one supply line but unlock more as they complete it.

back 4 blood Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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