back 4 blood It was released earlier this year to generally favorable reviews from critics, although reviews from fans were mixed. Most of these mixed reviews come from larger issues at the game’s launch, and it still has issues, such as a lack of support for singles offline. back 4 blood Progress. Although this problem will be fixed next month, that too after about four months. back 4 bloods release.

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another big issue back 4 blood In regards to the difficulty of the title, partly due to a bug that made it where too many special zombies were being spawned. Developer Turtle Rock Studios has taken to Reddit to address some of the issues still present in the game.


In back 4 blood Post difficulty, the developer brought up several points that players were finding frustrating with regards to difficulty, one of which is a bug regarding particular zombies. Although Turtle Rock Studios believed the issue was fixed in a recent patch, it appears that the issue still persists, but the developer plans to fix it. The developer also acknowledged that there was a lot of trauma damage and has fixed it for online players. The trauma damage issue for offline players will be fixed in the next patch.

November 2021 update stream recap and more. From

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Additionally, the developer also commented on the fast-moving deck. back 4 blood Realizing that for higher difficulties, it is almost necessary to run because the difficulty in the game is still very high, so it is currently looking for a solution. Interestingly, the developer also mentioned a nerf to future melee, something that felt out of place in a post given how difficult it is. back 4 blood Is. Several fans have commented on the post regarding Melee Deck Nerf, stating that Turtle Rock Studios should focus on making the other decks more viable before reducing the viability of the others.

As of now, the developer has not shared any date on which any of these changes will be implemented. back 4 blood However, it does have a roadmap, which states some updates that are to come. left 4 Dead spiritual successor. Although this roadmap mentions quality of life changes and bug fixes, the details are currently not known.

Hopefully, updates that improve the difficulty back 4 blood Will come soon As it stands, due to issues swirling around back 4 blood, player count has dropped to the point where there are more active users left 4 Dead, back 4 blood It will continue to improve, however, and will hopefully be able to get back on its feet with some time.

back 4 blood Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Back 4 Blood Review

Back 4 Blood is a true spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead where it matters, yet it still manages to drop the ball in a number of ways.

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