Back 4 Blood devs hit back at KFC Gaming over weirdly spicy tweet

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Turtle Rock Studios has responded to a pesky anti-tweet from KFC Gaming, and it turns out the developer loves its Chicken Extra Crispy and Nashville hot-season.

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For some context, as is always required when a fried chicken restaurant decides to turn its deep fryers over to a video game developer, KFC Gaming sent out a tweet Tuesday that apparently suggested Turtle Rock’s upcoming Back 4 Bloods is “a cheap copy”. Left 4 Dead, also developed by Turtle Rock. Soon after, Back 4 Blood Studios proved it was in no mood to take the heat from Colonel Sanders. “11 herbs and spices, and still no flavor,” reads Turtle Rock’s reply, an apparent reference to the Chicken Company’s proprietary spice blend.

KFC Gaming made its completely unexpected entry into the games space when it revealed its 4K-capable gaming console that doubles as a fried chicken warmer (yes, really). The brand’s jab at Back 4 Blood is its most high-profile stunt since then, and it’s a curious why people really like Turtle Rock’s new multiplayer zombie shooter. Our Back 4 Blood review-in-progress called it “one of the strongest forerunners in the zombie genre that’s been struggling to reinvent itself since Turtle Rock’s departure from Valve,” and our friends pc gamer Along with playing, he is also enjoying his time. Regardless of what’s going on with KFC Gaming and Turtle Rock, it certainly doesn’t look like the studio needs anyone’s help in its defense.


Until you can get your hands on Back 4 Blood, there are a few of these best cooperative game to play now.

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