Back 4 Blood devs know the game is “far more difficult than intended” right now

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Back 4 Bloods developer Turtle Rock Studios says it is committed to getting Back 4 Blood’s difficulty levels “perfect.”

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Zombie game’s . in a post shared to reddit The community, Turtle Rock Studios, states that it “hears your concerns about the difficulty of the game on all platforms” and that “a little difficulty can add a lot of reusability”, acknowledging that “as of now”. has issues and bugs “has been encountered in development that is making this much more difficult than intended”.

“The difficulty in Back 4 Blood’s Goldilocks story has to be our ‘baby bear,'” Turtle Rock explained. “It has to be ‘perfect.


“We want it stressful. We want it challenging. We want you to scream in a safe room with a crowd barely on your heels and you feel that crowd. We don’t want it unbearable. We don’t want that.” Be it unfair. That’s our mission. Players must have agency. They must win and lose, prevail or be destroyed by their actions. It takes days of skill, planning and teamwork. That’s the goal. To reach that goal Part of it is finding the right balance – just right – through constant adjustments to the various card systems, spawning systems, AI directors, and other aspects that affect gameplay.”

The post also listed the team’s “main focus and priorities” looking forward, including addressing the spawn rate of ridden mutations, changing the over-zealous strike damage system, and reimagining the style of play away from speed. Included. The update also addressed changes recently made to melee cards.

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did you see Back 4 Blood has released a roadmap that includes a frequently requested offline modeWith DLC and new difficulty levels? Developer Turtle Rock shared the details a few days ago, with the features identified in the roadmap expected to roll out between now and 2022. Right now, the improvements are focused on quality-of-life changes, while December will hopefully offer an offline mode.

While we knew back in June that Back 4 Blood will not have offline mode at launchTo the studio’s credit, Turtle Rock has listened to the feedback carefully and is set to add the mod sometime next month.

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