back 4 blood Finds itself embroiled in another controversy, as players who choose the solo mode are greeted with a nasty progress block. Player reception of multiplayer zombie survival-shooter is shifting rapidly from mostly positive to somewhat mixed back 4 blood Players get strange decisions that negatively affect the gameplay.

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Hailed as the revival of Team Survival-shooters, back 4 blood There was initially a positive response from fans before the developers and publisher revealed confusing design decisions and gameplay-limiting factors. The game comes from the studio behind left 4 Dead, but is starting to lose its positive image among fans.


current version of back 4 blood prompts the player with a message stating that maps and objectives will be changed and player invitations have been disabled; Expected adjustments for single mode. However, the last entries in the list of changes made from multiplayer are the respective players. Supply points, achievements, and even stat tracking are all disabled for singleplayer mode. Since supply points are a major part of player progress as an in-game currency back 4 blood, this essentially means that singleplayer mode gives players an inherent disadvantage compared to multiplayer where points can be used to purchase ability cards.

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The developers at Turtle Rock Studios sent a brief response on Twitter, promising to resolve the issue. Hopefully, those who prefer singleplayer will have a better experience in the future, as progress issues right now take away the game’s appeal for single players. whereas back 4 blood Designed for cooperative multiplayer, survival-shooters typically don’t limit singleplayer as much as the original player’s progression. On top of the implementation of Denuvo DRM, the dire situation back 4 blood Some players can run away.

Turtle Rock Studios’ response may lead to positive changes, but it also raises the question of why this decision was made in the first place. back 4 blood Might be designed for multiplayer, but anti-singleplayer is a pretty unusual stance for a game of its genre. Some of the quotes on the response discuss the option of refunding retweet pre-orders, so limiting the single player in such a domineering way to a single player line of thought clearly isn’t going well, especially with many coming in October. In competition with other shooters.

Despite the problems, back 4 bloodSurvival in general is still a good sign for cooperative survival—shooters overall. back 4 bloodThe popularity of the U.S. proves that interest in survival-shooters is still high among the gaming public, and may indicate that the genre is coming back from where it stayed for some time. Still disappointed players back 4 bloodKey design and multiplayer achievements only Earthfall If not changed soon.

back 4 blood Will release on October 12, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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