Back 4 Blood is too hard, and Turtle Rock is still finding the right balance

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Back 4 Blood is an “extraordinary” zombie co-op zombie shooter, but its difficulty is a bit unbalanced. Some would vehemently deny this, but some combat in the game is dramatically tougher than either side, and that’s not to mention the corruption cards that can bank during a run slowly turn a tense zombie blaster. can be turned into a test of endurance.

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If you’re one of those people who agrees it can be pretty tough—you might have been stuck on The Crossing, or worse, The Body Dump—rest assured that Turtle Rock knows the game. The difficulty needs to be worked out.

The studio has already made some efforts: in an effort to fix the abundance of ridden mutations (they’re the big villains in the game), Turtle Rock writes. reddit that “another major cause of unexpected increased difficulty” was found – they do not specify what it is, but it is being addressed.


Although an even worse annoyance is trauma damage. This is damage that reduces your maximum health potential, and which can only be remedied at health stations. According to Turtle Rock, it’s already fixed. “After seeing several Reddit posts about this issue, as well as conversations within our Turtle Rock Studios Discord servers, we immediately launched an internal investigation. We’re working to quickly identify the issue, verify bug fixes, and fix the issue on the server.” Were able to deploy the -side patch.” It’s for online play only—a patch for offline training will come later.

Lastly, Turtle Rock is aware that “speedrunning” one level is proving very tempting while some of the more difficult levels. In this context, speedrunning is running as fast as possible to the end of the level, cooperative partners be damned. “We understand the frustration that comes with queuing up on a team where one teammate is using a speedrun deck and outranks the rest of the team,” the studio writes. “We don’t want that to happen. We’re working toward addressing this in future patches.”

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As is usually the case with online games such as Back 4 Blood, it is likely that the studio will drastically change these parameters in the coming months. In addition to balance, there’s also new content to look forward to, as determined last week.

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