long awaited left 4 Dead spiritual successor back 4 blood Now available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The game has proved to be an instant hit, with back 4 blood smash Mouth L4DThe concurrent player record on Steam, and this coupled with its availability on Xbox Game Pass, guarantees that there are plenty of people playing the game. Although some back 4 blood Players are expressing concern about a certain need when it comes to playing online games.

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when players boot back 4 blood, they are greeted with a message that says “Voice Chat is recorded and used for moderation, user safety, and for the purpose of operating and improving the Services. By using Chat, you can access data.” Agree to this use.” Basically, anyone who decides to play back 4 blood You must also give consent to record your voice to use online and voice chat. Although it is being used to prevent potential abuse, some players may still feel uneasy about the game record voice chat.


It’s not clear whether it extends to people playing the game back 4 blood Even in party chat. One would think that this would not happen, but while playing back 4 blood In Party Chat, players will discover that they are hearing two voices at once whenever their teammates talk. This is because it seems that by default the voices are coming through in game chat as well as party chat. to fix it, back 4 blood Players will have to go into the audio settings and lower the mic volume completely. the implication is that back 4 blood Courage Keep up with the player’s voice even when they are in their party chat. Whether this is an accurate conclusion or it is just some weird audio thing is not clear at the time of this writing.

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Back 4 Blood Record Voice Chat

Its a solution if anyone wants to play back 4 blood But the idea of ​​being recorded doesn’t sound like playing a game alone, but unfortunately, the solo experience is less than ideal. back 4 blood Single players cannot unlock new characters, and in general cannot earn any real progress in the game. Actually, back 4 blood Single players can’t even unlock achievements.

Basically, anyone who really wants to play and enjoy back 4 blood It has to be played in co-op, either with friends or online at random. and choose to play back 4 blood Online means someone is giving consent to have their voice recorded. This is an issue for some people, while others will feel that it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t say something that upsets them. even though, at least back 4 blood It is up front and makes sure players know they are being recorded with the bat so they can decide whether or not to continue playing.

back 4 blood Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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