long awaited back 4 blood Launched this week and is currently keeping a lot of gamers busy as they make their way through hordes of rides, trying to survive the apocalypse. with him left 4 Dead Spiritual Heirs is receiving so many good reviews, it seems like many people are keen to get their teeth into it, given that Valve’s zombie shooters have been dormant since many years ago. Then, surprisingly, it seems that b4b The player has managed to surpass at least one of his ancestors in terms of numbers.

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According to SteamDB, a website that monitors player and game statistics, as well as announcing rumors about an upcoming Steam sale, Turtle Rock Studios. back 4 blood is doing remarkably well, with a concurrent player count on Steam peaking at 53,327 as this article goes live. The number keeps rising as the days go by, but it has already broken the all-time peak count left 4 Dead, Which had achieved a total of 30,616 about 13 years ago. it means that back 4 blood It could nearly double the peak of its predecessor within a short period of time.


However, it has not managed to pass left 4 Dead Sequel, which came out in 2009. whereas back 4 blood Powerfully sitting on over 50,000 concurrent Steam players, l4d2Its all-time peak was a whopping 162,300 which it achieved in 2013. That being said, the reason it managed to achieve such high results is because Valve has the game for free on Christmas Day in 2013, which is most likely why it peaked at that point. This is not for snubbing b4bbut has some way to go before it reaches the top of 160,000 or more.

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Screenshot of Back 4 Blood showing several special enemies coming.

With this game and others added to Xbox Game Pass, it’s likely that the player counts for back 4 blood It will grow. With thousands of players currently locked and loaded into the game, it can’t be said how high that number will be in the next few days or weeks, especially with Halloween coming up which will likely tempt more players, as well. Also people streaming the game live.

back 4 bloodsuccessful beta of Inevitably foreshadowed how successful the full release was going to be. Although the reviews aren’t overwhelmingly positive, it’s safe to say it’s a worthy follow-up left 4 Dead game, and contains that zombie-shooting violence that many gamers still crave.

back 4 blood Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X

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