Batman and Superman team up for World’s Finest by Mark Waid & Dan Mora

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Superstar writer Mark Waid is back at DC, and his first major project will be delivering what DC describes as a “brand new day” for Batman and Superman.

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Waid is working with Detective Comics artist Dan Mora for an as-yet-untitled story (but nicknamed ‘World’s Finest’ in the concept art), which will debut as a back-up on January 25 in Detective Comics #1050 . The publisher says Vaid and Mora’s back-up story is “just the beginning” for the creative duo and the two superheroes.


This is the second known major DC story from Vaid joining the tease. DC Black Label Superman Series with Brian Hitch. Vaid returned to DC After a 12-year hiatus with a story in December 2020’s Dark Knights: Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe Anthology.

The story by Waid and Mora will be a back-up of the main story by series artists Mariko Tamaki and Evan Rees, who are handling the book with Detective Comics #1047 as the title goes weekly – at least for the month of January 2022. .

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Tamaki and Reece’s main story, ‘The Tower’, is the fourth part of the story, which follows the destruction of Arkham Asylum and its subsequent quest for its disastrous replacement, the Arkham Tower.

Detective Comics #1050 will also feature a second back-up from Matthew Rosenberg and Fernardo Blanco, the fourth part of their “House of Gotham” serial, which is also running through the Detective Comics books of January.

Detective Comics #1050 will be available for sale on January 25, 2022.

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