Battlefield 2042: Best controller settings

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As with any cross-platform game, players want the ability to remap their controllers to more competitive circles. Thank God, Battlefield 2042 allows you to do just that. Players can completely remap their controls to their liking, with their desired sensitivity and FOV. Here B. Here are the best controller settings to use inatlefield 2042, We’ll also go over the best helicopter settings Battlefield 2042 and how to like them more Call of Duty: Warzone Helicopter. This article is from the point of view of the PlayStation 5 player. However, the mentioned configurations still work relative to their Xbox counterparts.

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Battlefield 2042. Best Controller Settings for

The Irish will play at Michael K Williams Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Maintains the default FPS control scheme. Aside from the attachment swap mechanic, the game plays like no other in the series. That means R2 to shoot, L2 to aim, X to jump, and circle to crouch. The game only offers a few pre-programmed configurations such as Southeastern, Legacy and Legacy Southeastern. However, those settings mean little to most gamers. Sadly, there is no bumper-jumper setting. However, we will see how to play the bumper-jump in Battlefield 2042 Later.


For basic on-foot controller settings:

  • press the option
  • tab on it controller with R1
  • under controller, tab over to on the feet with R2

set your military control To custom, We will discuss the best controller remapping configuration later. You can also leave it at the default setting if you prefer.

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military objective sensitivity Your standard is non-target sensitivity. Set it whatever you feel comfortable with. Close the inverted form and set your field of view between 80 and 100. Console players appreciate a game that lets them adjust their FOV slider. The more you can see peripherally, the better off you are. However, don’t just set it to 105 (max) and forget it. Things will appear smaller because your camera is effectively stretched. Play with the slider between games online or against bots in solo/co-op mode. The same goes for finding the right sensitivity.

For ADS Field of View, keep it on. This keeps the magnification of the weapon sights relative to your FOV. If turned off, you will appear to be zooming in too much, thus reducing your accuracy. Set both Aim Assist sliders to maximum.

Down Speed section, set soldier sprint To toggle and keep Double-tap to sprint Close. Keep sprint to vault over stop and turn Always Use Traversal Sprint Feather.

Down other section, keep your parachute auto-deployment options turned off. You have the option of throwing grenades by pressing the appropriate button, but we didn’t find it very helpful. It takes some time to get used to it, but equipping and throwing grenades in two motions is better for target purposes. The rest of the settings are all related to sensitivity and up to personal preference.

Best controller mapping plan in Battlefield 2042

Flying player with wing suit in Battlefield 2042.

default control for Battlefield 2042 Not bad, but players who prefer a bump-jumper or R3 to crouch will need to completely remap their controls. Below, we’ve rounded up the best bumper-jumper controller configurations. If you don’t like playing bumper-jumper, just leave the controls as they are. To remap your controller:

  • set military control To custom
  • Use R1 to tab on controller mapping
  • Use R2 to tab on on the feet

The control of your walking and seeing will remain the same. The same goes for aiming and shooting. It’s when we start messing with the jump, tilt, melee and attachment swap controls that things get weird. Remap your buttons as follows for the best bumper-jumper controller scheme Battlefield 2042,

  • Jump – L1
  • Vault – L1
  • Crouch (Hold) and Crouch (Toggle) – Do not specify any buttons for these options.
  • Crouch (Press) / Prone (Hold) – R3
  • Parachute Deployment – L1
  • Melee / Melee Takedown – R1
  • Modify Weapon Attachments – R1
  • Ping/Comoros (Hold) – X

Two things get a little awkward with these controls that you need to keep in mind. For starters, instead of pressing L1 And R1 To use your call-in tablet, you would press R1 And x at the same time (even if your screen is telling you L1) That’s what happens when you’re down, and you want to skip the revive timer. Press and hold x even if you’re asked to hold L1, This may change as the game updates to reflect the custom controls. As of now, the game defaults to its on-screen prompts in the default controller settings.

Modify Weapon Attachments And melee are hot-keys on the same buttons, but that doesn’t matter a whole lot. you will hold R1 Tap More to change your attachments R1 To use your melee weapon. You can completely discard and unbind melee attacks R1 From the melee option. However, if you want to carry a knife in your back pocket, the option is available. We’ve been playing since day one and haven’t found ourselves in a melee position to shoot someone. We recommend removing melee all at once (for the ability to play bumper-jumper).

Battlefield 2042. Best Helicopter/Jet Settings in

Helicopter dropping off teammates in Battlefield 2042.

default helicopter flight controls Battlefield 2042 It’s like using both sides of your brain at the same time. Call of Duty: Warzone Pilots looking to make the switch have an ugly surprise when they ground their helicopter in the first 20 seconds of flight. However, there is a way to configure your helicopter controls to reflect the user-friendly CAll Duty: Warzone controls in Battlefield 2042, As a bonus, these same controls work perfectly for jets too!

To change your pilot settings:

  • under the option, tab over to controller with R1
  • scroll down airplane section under control plans tab
  • set air pilot control And Button To custom
  • tab on it vehicles with R2 and scroll down pilot section
  • toggle reverse vertical form To turn on (press up to go up / down to go up)
  • set aircraft sensitivity to 100
  • toggle helicopter control aid to shut down

Together helicopter control aid Off, you will be able to hover over your place. Keeping it running keeps your helicopter in a constant upward state, which makes shooting small targets on the ground much more difficult than it used to be. You just need to be aware of this when your helicopter is falling to the ground, especially when the last input you made is throttle down.

For the smoothest helicopter flight controls, go back controller mapping tab on more pilot Menu. Use the following settings:

  • Throttle Up – R2
  • Throttle Down – L2
  • ya right – press right on the left stick
  • yaw left – Press left on the left stick
  • to help – Press up on the left stick
  • pitch down – Drag down on the left stick
  • roll right – press right on the right stick
  • roll left – Left press on the right stick
  • clean free look options so that no buttons are bound to them
  • rear camera view – down on the d-pad
  • Chase Camera – L3
  • Fire – R1
  • aim – L1
  • flight mode – up on the d-pad
  • Assisted Flight/Afterburner – R3

To make sure you’ve done everything right, start a solo game with the starting bots and spawn in a helicopter. The bots aren’t smart enough to knock you down, so you’ll be free to tinker with the controls until you get it right. Remember, you must input the correct directional buttons when mapping pitch/yaw movements.

With the above settings, you should be able to fly the helicopter Battlefield 2042 as easy as you do Call of Duty: Warzone,

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