Battlefield 2042 breaks after major update

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DICE has confirmed that it is working to fix major issues that surfaced after the third major update to Battlefield 2042, which was released on Thursday, December 2.

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Battlefield developer has said Twitter: “We know that many of you are receiving an error message when trying to load into the server, and then return to the main menu.” It said ‘Unable to load persistence data’ error itself is a connection problem.

This is not the only problem that players are experiencing, as now another issue has emerged. Dice has noticed that players on PC are no longer able to use horizontal mouse input after the latest update. a different Tweet, the company suggests players restore their default settings, “by deleting the “profsave” files in My Documents > Battlefield 2042 > Settings to continue playing.” But be careful – this will reset all your in-game settings.


Thankfully, Battlefield fans are saying in response that you don’t have to delete all the files — follow their instructions in the tweet below:

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However, gamers are also reporting that the Battlefield 2042 menu on PS5 is now running at 30 fps and there seem to be issues with input lag.

NS third update The troubled game of dice was about to bring a huge number of improvements. Gameplay was promised a lot smoother by fixing irregular spawning issues, visual glitches and collision issues. There were improvements to weapons, vehicles, and specialists – as well as custom loadouts and improvements to the UI. But despite the improvements, Battlefield 2042 owners aren’t happy with this update, to say the least.

We recommend keeping following the Battlefield Direct Communications page Twitter For more updates on these issues.

Battlefield 1 was probably the best Battlefield game that Dice had ever released, although with the failed launch of Battlefield V and now Battlefield 2042 – Dice’s reputation may be tarnished forever.

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to be a redemption game that would bring Battlefield back to its FPS glory, but instead, gamers were faced with a bug and an unpolished game. There were issues with hit registration, major balance issues with vehicles and weapons, performance issues even on powerful PCs, and bugs. We can’t list all the issues we had with Battlefield 2042 at launch, but take a look at the video below to give you a more detailed look:

To make matters worse, while EA and DICE were charging $70/£70 for an unpolished game, Microsoft released Halo Infinite Multiplayer on Xbox GamePass, which has received overwhelmingly positive reception.

Now, Battlefield 2042 owners will have to install patches that are supposed to add more issues to the game rather than fix it.

Like the troubled launch of Cyberpunk 2077 and the recent GTA trilogy – Definitive Edition, we don’t know when this game will actually be in a polished state. But it looks like Dice is rolling out these updates fast, which is the only redeeming factor in this whole fuss.

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