through Battlefield 2042As DICE’s fight to keep players going, DICE’s fight is taking many forms, from simple bug fixes to major rebalancing and changes. The latest change takes the form of reintroducing the removed game mode, as well as bringing a fan-made mode into the featured rotation.

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Battlefield 2042, despite initial positive critical reception, received great response from fans for not including important features from previous entries and generally agreeing to make changes to the gameplay for the worse. The game has been updated frequently since its release, but many players are opting to return to earlier, more stable entries. Battle field Chain.


Rush game mode, an iconic part of Battle field suffrage since its inception in bad Company, was removed from Battlefield 2042 As of last week it only exists in 2042 As in limited time mode. Fans generally seem unsure of why the mode was limited-time, but luckily they didn’t have to wait long as Rush’s return was officially announced only a week later. While there is no official comment on why it returned so quickly, the backlash from its removal may have been a contributing factor.

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With Rush, conquer the ages and run. pause. Beat. Repeat game mode will be added to the rotation. to run pause. Beat. Repeat is a particularly interesting case, as the game mode was created by fans of the popular show. squid game To get into the “red light green light” game Battlefield 2042, Copyright issues are questionable because the games on the show are all essentially classic children’s games, but putting the fan-made mods on the official playlist could be a step in the right direction for DICE, as it builds on a commitment to community projects and a connection. It reflects. to fans.

However, due to a serious lack of community interest, there may be less good news. With Battlefield 2042 Suffering from so many technical issues, even cheaters have stopped supporting it and large sections of the community are leaving to go back to previous entries such as battlefield v, DICE has a serious project on hand to retain the player.

in view of the difficulties Battlefield 2042 Retaining players, major resales are in order and DICE is committed to at least trying to make the game better. However, the game’s reputation at this point has been heavily damaged by its hasty launch and ongoing issues. Hopefully a few more months of updates can make it worthwhile.

Battlefield 2042 Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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