after a long wait, Battlefield 2042 It was released just a week ago. As of the latest entry in Battlefield series of games, many players were eager to jump into the massive 128-player battles promised by developer DICE. However, the final product has left many gamers unsatisfied. While most of the spectacle is present in the gameplay, fans have encountered several glitches and adventures that have hampered the overall experience.

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in the days following the release of Battlefield 2042Players have reported all kinds of bugs affecting the gameplay. From a bug that lets players avoid a melee execution that allowed hovercraft to run off the sides of skyscrapers, the game suffers from a number of unexpected issues. Recently, players have discovered another glitch, this time involving smoke grenades.


One of the first reports of bugs Battlefield 2042 Came through a post on reddit. In the post, a user named Jagsfootball51 shared a video showcasing the new exploit in the game. During the clip, a Reddit user revealed that a simple feat could cancel out the visual effects of smoking grenades. At the beginning of the video, a group of enemies were seen on the other side of cover from JagsFootball51. Enemies, while attempting to revive a fallen comrade, activate a smoke grenade, concealing their location.

You can completely negate the smoke grenade simply by opening the menu and going to the archive From

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Unfortunately for the enemy group, Jagsfootball51 knew about the smoke grenade exploit. To cancel the smoke effect all players had to do was enter the menu and navigate to the Collection tab. After performing this action, the smoke immediately disappeared. This provided the player with the opportunity to crush unsuspecting enemies.

This exploit involving smoking grenades has attracted the attention of many members Battlefield 2042 community on reddit. With over 4,800 upvotes in just a few hours, many were surprised by how easily the mess was nailed down. Unsurprisingly, many players expressed their concern over the presence of this bug in the game. Unlike some feats that required many complex moves to pull off, this smoke grenade bug was simple to execute. In addition to concerns about the exploit affecting the competitive integrity of the games, many players saw it as another mistake made by the developer. “This game is so broken,” commented one user.

It will be interesting to see how DICE addresses this issue Battlefield 2042 Going forward. While the company plans to release another update in December, promising to fix several problems, one such game-breaking bug needs to be patched soon. Hopefully, a solution has been found in quick order so that players can return to using smoking grenades the way they are intended to be used.

Battlefield 2042 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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