Despite an initial positive reception for Battlefield 2042Post-launch there has been heavy criticism and disappointment amongst the public. Battle field Community. Players cite technical issues, progress problems and a lack of features and design elements from the previous Battle field sports as its main concerns. However, there’s only so much DICE can do to fix such a huge game, and it’s leading to a dwindling player base. Symbol of the problem, a fraudster has decided not to support anymore Battlefield 2042,

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Cheat Maker’s decision was brought to attention by leaker Tom Henderson, who posted a message the cheater posted on his Discord channel. According to a post by Panfyero, a member of the cheat group AIMEXCHEATS, the team will no longer support Battlefield 2042, reason why Battlefield 2042 Will no longer be supported as the cheats are affected due to the game’s “ongoing performance issues”, as well as the shrinking number of users seeking cheats for the game “since the game is dying.”


Technically, the cheat created by AIMEXCHEATS Battlefield 2042 Will continue to work for the interim. Battlefield 2042 Players won’t see a quick change. However, these cheats are offered via subscription, so buyers will no longer have access to them once the subscription expires. Of course, it’s possible that DICE will update Battlefield 2042 Even before that, which can break even unsupported cheats.

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Cheat-Maker Explains to Lifetime Subscribers They’ll Be Able to Convert Their Subscriptions to call of duty, It’s got to create mixed feelings in itself Battle field fan. stop supporting cheaters Battlefield 2042 great, but at the same time call of duty Because the active player base is painful in its own way. It’s a strange feeling, to wish Battlefield 2042 The fraudsters were active enough to support the economy.

Of course, there is no reason to believe that the fraudster is completely honest with the details of the situation. Its sole purpose is to retain customers and ethics has nothing to do with its behavior. it could very well be Battlefield 2042The U.S. Anti-Cheat Has Stumped Cheat Maker, Making It an Unprofitable Attempt to Keep Up call of duty,

regardless of the truth Battlefield 2042 Cheat maker claims, some Battlefield 2042 Players would argue that the game could use some technological upgrades and a healthier player base. The message just goes to show how pervasive this attitude is, and also how much work DICE has to do.

Battlefield 2042 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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