Battlefield 2042 delay rumors are starting to sound worryingly ominous

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Battlefield 2042 may be delayed if many rumors from reputable sources are to be believed.

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The rumors began when VentureBeat Jeff Grubb tweeted today, September 15, that “more delays are coming this week”, after the Dying Light 2 delay was announced yesterday.

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After that @Dealer_Gaming With claims that Battlefield 2042 is being delayed to 2022 @Shpeshal_Nick He also had similar rumours, replying in the thread to confirm, although he added a slight caveat that there is a delay.not necessarily 2022“. After that, Roberto Serrano The GameStop Italy site tweeted an image that changed the Battlefield 2042 release date to a generic placeholder of December 31, 2021.


Another reason fans are restless when it comes to Battlefield 2042 is the recent slew of Battlefield 2042 beta dates, with the Reddit community wondering if more details about the beta due to go live at some point in September will be shared. . With no official date set for the beta yet, this adds yet another credence to these rumours.

Overall, there are some people with a history of leaks suggesting that the Battlefield 2042 release date of October 22 is looking DICE-y at best. Of course, this is all a rumor for now, but we’ve got in touch with EA for an official comment on the speculation. While we did not provide a response ahead of time of publication, we will update this article when we do.

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