Battlefield 2042 devs are exploring how Michael K. Williams character’s story will move forward

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Daniel Berlin, the design director of Battlefield 2042, has revealed that Team Michael K. Williams’ character Kimble “Irish” Graves is considering ways to “define” the story.

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In a pre-brief to the new Hazard Zone mode that has just surfaced, Berlin explains at the end of the video how Michael K. The team was “devastated” by the loss of Williams, who tragically passed away earlier this year, and the team wanted to honor his amazing work.

Berlin said, “Speaking on behalf of the entire team, we are still devastated by the loss of Michael. But we thought it was important that his legacy remains within the Battlefield universe. As a playing specialist at the Irish launch And we’re working with Michael’s team to define our story going forward. We want to honor his amazing work and continue to celebrate his contributions.”


It is not yet clear how Battlefield will use the Irish moving forward, as Berlin did not elaborate on what his story might include, but it has already been confirmed that the character will be revealed at launch. Will be a playable expert. Given that Battlefield 2042 is multiplayer only, it’s unlikely that a huge arc was planned for the Irish, although that was the focus of a recent short film that EA called ‘Exodus’ to describe the game’s eco-destruction. The world had continued to expand upon.

You’ll have the option to play as Williams’ character when the game launches on November 19th — that’s the new release date after the Battlefield 2042 delay — and on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. ready to come. .

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