Battlefield 2042 drops popular rush mode and fans are not happy

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Rush, a staple of the Battlefield franchise, is now almost entirely absent. Battlefield 2042, Developer Dice has since removed the game mode, after being added as part of a limited-time event.

Rush has not been removed and will remain in some form/theme #battlefield portal Just for a few weeks/months. Rush of Ages was expanded based on community reception and will return in the future. This week it’s Bad Company 2 Rush.

— Kevin Johnson (@T0TALfps) 6 January 2022

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The game mode, which Dice never intended to have permanently in the game, currently only features a . is playable through bad company 2 Battlefield Portal Playlist. Before being dropped, players had stated that Rush should become a permanent addition to the game. However, Rush is ready to return Battlefield 2042Eventually other custom games in Battlefield Portal. According to Dice Community Manager Kevin Johnson, “Rush of Ages was expanded based on community reception and will return in the future.”

Battlefield 2042The lack of legacy features and game modes, including Rush, scoreboards, and in-game voice chat, has been a point of focus for fans of the franchise since the game launched. In response to fans’ disappointment, Andy McNamara, EA’s director of unified communications for shooters and Star Wars, tweeted The fans’ “expectations are brutal.” McNamara went on to say that “the things you want take time to scope, design and execute,” before deleting the tweets and adding that Say sorry And saying his message was “not clear”.


After a series of patches that adjusted the game and fixed the following bugs Battlefield 2042 After it launched last November, it’s unclear what DICE plans to pursue with the game. The game’s main Twitter account recently gave no indication of more content for the live-service game, and instead gave fans a post on January 5th detailing its lore and world. Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-only title with no single-player campaign or story mode.

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