Battlefield 2042 grapple exploit turns soldier into Spider-Man

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A player in Battlefield 2042 has found a way to scramble around the entire map, Spider-Man style.

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In a clip uploaded to Reddit, Battlefield 2042 player Giroux123 showed himself moving seriously fast around the map. An impressive combination of jumps and slides allowed the player to descend the slope at speed, but the real star of the show is the grappling hook. While the orbital map isn’t as built-in as other places, Giroux123 found another way to get around.


Battling frequent power lines that spread across the map—effectively canceling the animation to remove the tool’s cooldown—the player stitches together those aforementioned jumps and slides, which swell in a matter of seconds. covers the distance.

While it’s a pretty ostentatious trick, the community as a whole doesn’t seem to be affected. The dangers of attaching grappling hooks to the power line aside, Giroux123 themselves suggest they don’t expect the trick to last until the game’s full launch in November. In the comments below that post, other players say that they hope DICE deals with movement moves like this, because the Battlefield series doesn’t traditionally allow this kind of player movement. Some members of the community have taken things to the extreme, with some highlighting BunnyHop’s potential to speed things up throughout the game over the open beta weekend.

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Of course, other players are trying some very different tricks, including a Battlefield 2042 player who pulled off a long range sniper shot using the recorder as their controller.

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