“Battlefield 2042” has a lot of fixes coming

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“Battlefield 2042” will get at least Two “major” updates In the coming weeks, the first will roll out tomorrow.

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why it matters: The launch of “Battlefield 2042” has been a bumpy one, thanks to a mix of missing features, bugs, and other performance issues.

  • EA DICE wrote on its site that “another, substantial” update will arrive in December. “We’re also working on another update that we want to deploy before the holidays.”
  • Among the issues it seeks to fix in those updates are: server stability, balance and map improvements to the game’s gunplay, as well as user interface improvements, progress and matchmaking.
  • On Steam, thousands of players have left negative reviews, making it one of the platform’s worst review Play

big picture: Even high-profile modern games still have bad launches that could potentially get better over time.

  • “Cyberpunk 2027,” or more recently “Games like”Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, were released with a variety of bugs and glitches that do not make the experience enjoyable for the players.
  • EA DICE has already released an update in the form of a day patch to fixCriticisml” bugs and issues surrounding gameplay stability.
  • “Battlefield 2042” is likely to be a better experience for the players who are willing to wait for it.


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