Battlefield 2042The release buildup of the game was full of rumours, leaks and gloom, but some players stopped by and bought the game at launch anyway to see if it would be a surprise hit. Sadly, many such players will return disappointed, which is reflected in the extremely low average user review scores.

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in earlier months Battlefield 2042After its release, reception soured as players began comparing the game’s trailers and gameplay shows to previous entries in the blockbuster series. Videos emerged showing the lack of iconic gameplay features and various gameplay changes that were made only for cosmetic-sales reasons or to appeal to audiences other than existing fans.


Critical reception of the game has been relatively positive, with some major review sites claiming Battlefield 2042 Has potential and plays well. Unfortunately, a vast majority of players disagree, saying that is a hopeless attempt to change the game. Battlefield Formula and Gunplay, with user review scores quite different from the high praise it received from critics. The game’s score on Metacritic reflects such a discrepancy, with the PC version’s critics averaging 80 while the user score sits at a pathetic 2.6.

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Battlefield 2042 Negative Review Metascore Metacritic

is a common source of criticism BattlefieldThe new Expert System, with user reviews indicating that the teamwork required to win is usually hindered by players creating classes for solo missions across maps. Bugs also appear common, with the sound of the all-important positional move often coming from the wrong direction and players hitting the wrong way as a result. Buggy launches may be common for AAA games this year, but when bugs affect competitive gameplay, it can be incredibly frustrating for players.

User reviews are praising Battlefield 2042 are surprisingly positive, usually do so with the caveat that it will be updated and improved over time and often take cheap shots at other players by leaving negative reviews. Over the years the general expectation of AAA releases has steadily fallen to the point where a portion of the userbase is willing to pay full price for a game broken at launch, even though a properly functional version will arrive after several updates and even That might go on sale. In Battlefield 2042At least, it seems most users are unprepared with the disappointing launch of unfinished products, with some reviews citing the practice as a consistent strategy for the EA.

Battlefield 2042This time-saving grace is generally cited as its Portal Mode, which was launched earlier Battlefield 2042 on one’s own. This stands out as the game’s main redeeming factor, but for many users, it’s not enough to warrant high reviews for the entire game.

Battlefield 2042 Will release on November 19th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Players with EA Play or Xbox Game Pass get access a week in advance.

battlefield 2042 soldier gas mask
Battlefield 2042 fans aren’t happy about profanity filter

Some Battlefield 2042 fans express concerns about the game’s profanity filter, which will always be on and there will be no option to turn it off.

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